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Dongguan magnet manufacturer declare the plating ways of ndfeb strong magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Because ndfeb strong magnet work environment is generally is more special, so powerful magnets need to specific coating to prevent damage, corrosion and rust. Equipment such as: motor magnets, magnet, etc. , these magnets required working environment are wet, so the magnet surface coating protective treatment is needed. At present the main approach to coating ndfeb strong magnet are: galvanized, nickel plating, black nickel plating, color zinc plating, nickel plating copper, nickel, gold-plated, silver plated, coated with epoxy resin, etc. Ndfeb strong magnet surface coating treatment is based on the characteristics and save the product use way to choose different plating processes, the most common way of electroplating electroplating processing is zinc and nickel plating. Each of the plating surface color is different, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Galvanized: surface display is silvery white, can do 12 - 48 hours salt fog, can be used in some glue adhesive, can generally be stored two years to five years, compared with other plating process its advantage is that the price is cheap. Nickel plating: surface shows burnish stainless steel, the magnet in the air the surface are difficult to oxidation, and good-looking appearance, good gloss, electroplating can be a 12 - 72 hours salt spray test. The shortcoming of nickel plating technology is cannot meet the use and some glue, it will make the coating fall off, accelerate the oxidation, now in the market for nickel - more Copper - Nickel, this way of electroplating for 120 - 200 hours salt spray, but the plating cost is relatively higher. Black zinc plating, surface treatment is according to the customer request the product as black, in the electroplating process is mainly on the basis of galvanized by chemical treatment to add a layer of protective film, black this film also can have the effect of protection products, salt fog growth time, prolonged by oxidation. But the surface to be scratched, losing its protective function. Gold-plated silver: used in magnetic jewelry, magnetic jewelry are gold and silver in the majority. Gold-plated magnet appearance looks like gold is very beautiful, more commonly used in hand act the role of industry, our products can be gold-plated, used for magnetic bracelet. Plating: epoxy resin is a magnet in nickel plating and then add a layer of resin paint in the outside, its biggest advantage is that can extend the time of salt spray test. Have more than several ndfeb magnets are commonly used to electroplating, we can according to their needs of products to choose not to coating. Magnet 13 years professional manufacturer of magnets, magnetic products, contact phone number: 18025298206 a: magnetic technology co. , LTD. Introduction to how to recognize a strong magnet magnetic next article: powerful magnets can according to your size?
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