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Dongguan magnet manufacturer about the recent rare earth prices

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Recent half a month of rare earth in boom, a lot of people have no reaction to come over, how suddenly increases so fast, magnet manufacturer about the latest rare earth prices. Started because of tengchong customs stop, cause from tengchong customs import rare earths myanmar, currently imports from Burma heavy rare earth has accounted for a larger proportion in our country, so there is a panic mentality. China is a rare earth powers, at any time in recent years, the country's efforts to control more and more big, already environmental protection supervision factors, such as import also more and more, non-renewable resources, after all, is not finished, the recent national leaders also visited the rare earth magnets related enterprises, said the country's value degree, so the market is very hot hot hype, rising prices. Magnet factory as magnets industry downstream manufacturers, also don't want a larger material price increase, this is not conducive to the balance of the market and factory orders. Hope industry can develop in a healthy, steady. A: about ndfeb strong magnet under the common problems of the application of an article: magnet magnetization Angle explanation
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