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Dongguan magnet factory ', 'popular science ndfeb strong magnet to you

by:Newland     2020-05-09
Ndfeb strong magnet is one of the many magnets, is the most popular used magnets. Many industries are ndfeb strong magnet, due to the request from all walks of life, thus to living there are a variety of models for ndfeb strong magnet. Most often used now on the market is N35 grade, relatively high grade of N52 magnets dongguan factory we also can produce. In terms of temperature, N35 - N50 can support the highest temperature is 80 degrees. N35M- N50M highest was 100 degrees of heat-resistant, ndfeb high Curie temperature can reach 310 degrees. Ndfeb round small magnets in addition, the dongguan magnet factory we also detailed descriptions for you information about ndfeb magnets: 1, summary of the main composition is boron, boron will react with the zinc plating, electroplating may fall off, so the plating is to choose the best cold galvanizing. 2, ndfeb magnetic strength related to material and production process, related to the volume also. The greater the size, the stronger the magnetism. 3, ndfeb magnet surface to do anti-corrosion treatment, to dry anaerobic storage preservation, don't touch water, corrosive gases. 4, ndfeb magnet with a high coercive force, the natural environment and general conditions of the magnetic field of magnetic loss will not change or lose magnetism. Square magnet ndfeb ultimately, there are many factors that can influence the ndfeb strong magnet, customers need to combined with carefully selected according to their own environment. We are a company with 10 years experience of dongguan magnet factory, the quality is superior, the welcome general customers to come to consult. Dongguan we magnet co. , LTD. : http://www. citie51。 com
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