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by:Newland     2020-04-10
At present there are mainly five kinds of magnetic materials to choose from, according to the arrangement of magnetic force from weak to strong for rubber magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets, samarium cobalt magnet and ndfeb magnet. The following simple describes the characteristics of each type of material can help you to choose the appropriate magnet. Rubber magnet magnet materials like rubber, folding, curly, can use scissors to cut, material color is dark brown. Surface can also paste PVC tape or glue. Each volume maximum width of 75 mm, 100 m long, standard thickness of 1. 5毫米。 Square piece of maximum width of 600 mm, 30 m long, standard thickness of 0. 5 and 0. 75毫米无后坐力炮。 Magnet can make two sides with glue in ease of use. Arts and crafts, sign board, exhibition board, magnetic calendar, business CARDS, the phone book, ferrite magnet, is the most widely used cheap, but relatively rubber magnet magnetic force is stronger. The material itself is hard, brittle, surface dark grey. Wafer shape, circular, square shape, tile shape. There are a variety of sizes to choose from arts and crafts, adsorption, toys, motors, speakers and other aluminum nickel and cobalt is applied to the technical field of magnetic materials at the earliest. Can be used at very high temperatures Nearly 500 degrees Celsius. After the processing surface in stainless steel like the bright color. Wafer type, cylindrical, square shape, horseshoe, etc. Instruments, meters and the high temperature environment, samarium cobalt rare earth magnet material is very crisp, but high temperature resistant, can be used under the condition of 300 degrees Celsius. Wafer shape, circular, square shape, tile shape. There are a variety of sizes available in high technology and high temperature environment ndfeb high-performance rare earth magnets, not as crisp as samarium cobalt, but using a high temperature without samarium cobalt magnet. Also under the situation of the oxidized extremely easily, so the surface must be plating. Wafer shape, circular, square shape, tile shape. There are a variety of sizes available magnets, ndfeb magnet is one of the highest performance and non-technical areas is becoming more and more widely used, such as adsorption magnets, toys, jewelry, etc. In the above five kinds of material, each kind of magnet and subdivided into different grades. Can see the specific performance is introduced. A: powerful magnet demagnetization method next article: magnet manufacturer show you know the magnet
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