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Don't put in the car engine powerful magnets, damage cars do more harm than good

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Recently on the Internet to see a video that video, in the northeast of the mechanic said, 'under the car engine oil pan placed a powerful magnets, so we can make the engine use more than ten years'. Does this sound like a fable? In the past, however, there are many drivers do, especially the truck driver. Reason is that the previous old models within the design without careful consideration on the engine oil circulation route of impurity problem, many models like the northeast netizens said, within the engine will generate impurities in the inner loop of engine damage. And then this method also does have a little effect. Engine carbon deposition, but you know, put the dangers of a powerful magnet? Engine carbon cleaning, actually do it, do more harm than good: 1, if it is the engine of the cast iron could adsorption live some wear of iron impurity in the engine, but if close to the electronic control system of the sensor? To do so is likely to affect the sensor signal! Says the consequences are very bad for you. Just some curious made a circle in the machine filter powerful magnets, results out of the engine trouble light, tracheal flow sensor fault, what inlet disambiguation results 4 s shops check said: trachea in inlet disambiguation, later friends will powerful magnets to remove all problems. 2, now the engine manufacturers are considering to this situation, so the manufacturer in the interior of the oil casing has put a magnet, and fly on the oil's shell is to prevent impurities again sucked out the block device, video of this method is only applicable for old engine. 3, then again, if powerful magnets are placed in the bottom of the engine, then, under the body place a piece of strong magnetic, first of all, regardless of his strong magnetic signal inside the car and sensor such strong magnetic suction one thousand in some way a larger iron products, then was bumped down, while the vehicle is for himself and the back of the vehicle is a kind of security? 4, as everybody knows, a powerful magnet has a characteristic, that is after the original working temperature more than it will slowly lose magnetism, right? We imagine the engine operate at a high speed in so hot, are you sure this strong external magnetic and use? How use? Don't put in the car engine powerful magnets, damage cars do more harm than good, especially lu engine engine maintenance, should be done according to the maintenance manual, don't listen to store some one-sided mechanic skills. Each engine is different, the most understand the engine or engine manufacturers, vendors will write it in the maintenance manuals are written. According to the maintenance manual to do it.
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