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doctors warn over magnetic ball-bearing craze after children left needing surgery

by:Newland     2019-11-17
The doctor warned that a new craze has put three children in need of medical care after swallowing the magnet.
The young man tried to imitate the piercing of the tongue and cheek but did not know the ball
The bearing magnets stick to each other through the gut loop, which may cause intestinal perforation or intestinal blockage if swallowed.
Sanja Besarovic, a pediatric surgery consultant, said that in the past three months, three children have been treated in Hull\'s Royal Infirmary and they have swallowed powerful balls. Bearing magnet.
She added that a fouryear-
Due to the magnet sticking together and no complications, the old child was lucky enough to escape the injury through the digestive system.
However, two other people were admitted to the children\'s ward for serious internal injuries.
One is perforated in the stomach and the duodenum after swallowing 9 balls, and the other is perforated in the intestine.
Both of them underwent major surgery and recovered well.
\"We have saved these children, but I am increasingly worried that this will happen a lot,\" she said.
\"Both children recovered well after surgery, but the next child may not be very lucky.
Ms. Besarovic added: \"We have seen three cases in the last three months alone, and I am concerned about the increasing incidence of this issue.
\"Parents and schools should be aware of this craze so that they can warn the importance of children\'s lives --
If swallowed at different times, especially the risk of threat.
\"Most children have no symptoms and will only have initial symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting after being hurt,\" she added . \".
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