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Do well in doing fine magnets based on the international market

by:Newland     2020-04-28
After joining the WTO, foreign companies to enter China, seeking cheap labor force, and with its technical advantage occupied the high-end application market in China, led to the development of Chinese magnetic material industry at a disadvantage position. Association's timely enterprise must do fine do big, do, to the survival and development in market competition. Do big, the enterprise must have certain economic scale, become the industry's top, have the economic strength; Well, the quality of products to keep up with the world level, product structure is not out of style; Doing fine, must have their own characteristics of products, in some way, Price, quality and market share) Leading industry, so that the other companies cannot be competitive and replace. With the above three, enterprise can stand the test of the market, to an impregnable position in the market competition. At present Chinese soft magnetic ferrite application: system in the field of high-tech products accounted for 22%, such as digital communication, electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC) , radio frequency broadband, resistance to electromagnetic interference, EMI) , hd display and automotive electronics, etc. Traditional low-standard products accounted for 78%, a variety of applications such as TV sets, power adapter, electronic ballast, the common switch power transformer and the antenna rod, etc. Ndfeb magnet application situation at present in China: the application in the field of high technology products accounted for 37%, such as magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) , mobile phones, voice coil vibration, hard disk drives ( 单体氯乙烯) , CD, DVD, CD - ROM) Drive main shaft, electric tools and electric vehicles, etc. Application in the field of traditional low-standard products accounted for 63%, such as audio devices, magnetic adsorption device, magnetic separation, and magnetizing apparatus, etc.
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