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Do not pay attention to these points, ndfeb strong magnet could shorten the life of a 50% ''

by:Newland     2020-05-09
In our daily life, many common products are with magnetic, such as identity CARDS, bank CARDS, magnetic card, etc. , but can't with mobile phone put together, like these for a long time will lead to demagnetization. In fact is the same as the ndfeb strong magnet, if improper usage in use process, will also affect the magnet magnetic force, also can appear the phenomenon such as weak magnet demagnetization, to talk about the following three major factors affecting magnetic ndfeb strong magnet. Factors affecting magnetic one: the first is the temperature problem, magnet material is divided into many types, such as: ndfeb, cobalt, ferrite, unlined upper garment, aluminum nickel and cobalt and so on, each material has the corresponding temperature limits, in general, if within the temperature limit is lower than normal use, will not affect the magnetic ndfeb strong magnet. Therefore, magnet demagnetization and the length of life, fully see the magnet at what is in the temperature is used and with high temperature resistant material. Factors affecting magnetic 2: 'the existence of the alternating magnetic field', people who know the magnet should know ndfeb strong magnet is divided into N, S pole or multipolar, if another magnetic field around the magnet exist, it will offset some of the magnetic magnet, this is also called demagnetization within the temperature range. Factors affecting magnetic 3: in the motor industry, many machines force will use ndfeb strong magnet, because the magnet material performance is fragile, friction medium and products used in the assembly process, will lead to their wear, size is reduced, the magnetism will fade away. Therefore, in the process of using, should try to avoid these problems, normal use to make magnetic ndfeb strong magnet to the limit. If you want to know more information about ndfeb strong magnet, please pay close attention to http://www. citie51。 com
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