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diy magnetic bucket broom on kubota bx

by:Newland     2019-09-08
There\'s nothing better than the full size model of the project you want to do.
This is my way to make this magnetic broom for my little Kubota BX tractor.
The basic idea is to have a tractor broom that can be attached to the tractor bucket and removed from the tractor bucket without having to come up from the tractor seat.
First I installed some rare earth magnets to check the idea.
I started with four old brooms I borrowed from an early brooms project.
I did a real test for the prototype and cleaned the heavy gravel in my asphalt lane and worked well.
This gives me the necessary motivation to continue to complete a unit.
I replaced the rare earth magnet with a tool for magnetic strips.
Rare earth magnets are fragile and, more importantly, they rust quickly.
Tools for holding magnetic rods use ceramic magnets.
Ceramic magnets are very slow to rust, and the sturdy steel channels that support the magnets are perfect for their heavy use in this project.
The opening video shows the broom running and the steps I took to get to the final unit.
Still photos show the order of approaching the broom and connecting it to the tractor barrel.
As I mentioned, the full size cardboard model is well worth the effort in such a project.
As shown in the video, I even installed the bucket pivot on the screws to help me get a better idea of what size and angle is needed in the grip, sweep and release operations.
After I tested the rough prototype (
Old brooms and back Earth magnets)
I have to install the new broom and hardware parts permanently and safely. (
I was lucky enough to find a tool on special with a magnet stick.
I bought a set of three for $10. )
I connect the tool holding magnet to 2x12x49 with stainless steel wood screws-
1/2 pressure handling motherboard.
Stainless steel is not
It is magnetic and does not rust.
Handling loose regular steel screws around powerful magnets is a bit busy, so it is not needed in this application.
The old brooms are not in good shape, but they help to test the feasibility of the magnetic brooms idea.
Install broom release arm with ground block two Broom release arm consists of 1/8x1 length1/2 x 1-
1/2x20 inch horn.
I cut the relevant plastic blocks from a section of ultra-high mw plastic on my hand.
I decided to have 2 blocks per block and the block ended up measuring about 4-
3/4x3 inch, the thickness of the finished product is about 5/8.
Block fixed with 1/4 hex screw and lock nut.
Install tools to keep magnetic barsTwo 10x1
1/2 SS wooden screws are required for each bar.
There is no special arrangement for the layout of the magnet.
But the magnet should stay away from the side Horn (
Broom release arm)
Otherwise, there may be a gap problem between the side of the bucket and the magnet during and after the Broom \"capture\" action.
The most important thing here is to leave 1/16 to 1/8 space between the bar and the wood.
This allows some swing space, and even if the bottom of the barrel is not completely flat, the magnet meets the requirements and is securely attached to the tractor barrel.
Install new brooms four regular 24 inch push brooms three 1/4x2 inch galvanized lag screws per brooms.
Before fixing the broom in place, I drilled a 1/4 hole in the broom Wood.
When installed, it helps to clamp the broom.
The swivel casters and guide brackets are installed, since the casters can withstand quite high loads from the barrel, it is better to find heavy duty casters.
The main size requirement is that when the end of the broom bristles touches the ground, the casters are about 1 inch from the ground.
Install them with 1-
1/2 galvanized lag screw.
Two leading-direction brackets are heavy-duty galvanized units measuring 8x1-1/4 inches.
The thickness of the steel is about 3/16.
Install them with 1-
1/2 galvanized screws.
These brackets hang around the edge of the wood for about 3-1/4 inches.
Two side Guide brackets are heavy-duty galvanized units measuring 6x1-
1/8, about 3/16 thick. Install with 1-
1/2 galvanized lag screw.
Once I put a piece of construction plastic on the magnet to see what effect it would have on the attraction between the magnet and the bucket.
There was no obvious change in the connection, so when I parked the broom outside, I raised the idea as a possible means of weather protection.
When buckets and brooms are locked together by magnetic, there is no need to center them completely.
But I try to temporarily install a dock hook bracket on each side of the broom.
Works well in guiding barrels and brooms in place;
So I install the bracket by hammering between the side rail bracket and the broom release arm.
I may make a more permanent attachment later.
This magnetic broom works well.
It\'s very easy to make and I look forward to putting the broom back to work next spring.
I can\'t see why the same design doesn\'t work on other tractor brands.
The main requirement is to have a flat surface at the bottom of the barrel.
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