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Distribution of magnetic induction line circular magnet reference, ring magnet pole position is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Many friends focus ring magnet magnetic field distribution, the principle of circle of the magnetic field of the magnets is what? Ring magnet pole position? We solve these problems, one by one and have a look. First of all, the ring of the magnetic field of the magnets principle is what? Ring magnet. Ring magnet made of hard magnetic material, before the magnetization is not magnetic ( Haven't magnetic magnet magnetization not before) 。 Its magnetic pole position, magnetic pole logarithm, depends on the magnetization. So the concrete use, the number of used depends on the customer. What are common ring magnet pole position? Pole position: 1, some in the circle of the outer ring, a pair of or more of the poles; 2, some in the circle of inner ring, have a pair or more poles; 3, from the two circular in the ring end face ( A N a S) 4, also some poles in a ring end face, a pair or more for the poles. About the distribution of magnetic induction line circular magnet is also a hot spot of many, below small make up with circular magnet magnetic induction line profile for your reference. Also introduced, in front of the ring magnet magnetization direction and magnetic field distribution with your related, axial, radial and multipolar, monopole, the magnetic field distribution is not the same. Circular magnet of the magnetic lines to sense the magnetic induction of the magnetic field distribution of several kinds of common article circular magnet magnetic field distribution as shown by the magnet manufacturers share Ricky xiaofu card sorting. Relevant article: cylindrical magnet magnetic field distribution
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