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Different magnet can normal working temperature is how many?

by:Newland     2020-05-06
Magnet has no impact on the temperature rise at work, is sensitive to temperature. Each magnet has the highest temperature to bear its own. Ferrite magnets, the highest working temperature is 300 degrees, such as ndfeb, samarium cobalt magnet, alnico magnet alloy magnets such as the highest working temperature can reach 500 degrees. Samarium cobalt magnet ( SmCo) According to different ingredients into SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. Because of its raw material is expensive and limit its widespread application. Samarium cobalt ( SmCo) As a rare earth permanent magnets, and very high magnetic energy product ( 14 - 28 mgoe) , extremely stable coercive force and good heat resistance properties. Compared with the ndfeb magnets, samarium cobalt magnet is more suitable for working in high temperature environment. Ferrite magnets which main raw materials including BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. Ferrite magnets made by means of ceramic technology, and quality of a material is hard and brittle, because of the ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low cost, moderate performance, wide is the early application of permanent magnets. Alnico magnet is made by aluminum, nickel, cobalt, an alloy of iron and other trace metals. After casting can produce processing into a variety of different sizes and shapes, machinability is good. Aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet has the lowest reversible temperature coefficient, the highest working temperature can be as high as 600 degrees Celsius above. Alnico magnets are widely used in all kinds of instruments and meters and other areas of higher temperature. Ndfeb strong magnet is at present has found that the commercialization of the highest performance magnets, commonly known as king of magnetic, has a very high magnetic energy, the maximum magnetic energy product ( BHmax) Above ferrite magnet ( Ferrite) More than 10 times. Summary of machining performance is also very good. Just working temperature is lower than the alnico magnets, up to 200 degrees Celsius. Hard because ndfeb magnet, magnetic stability, high performance, is widely applied. And since the chemical activity of ndfeb alloy is very strong, so the ndfeb magnets must do with polish on the surface layer of protection. ( Such as plating, nickel plating, gold-plated, silver plated, electrophoresis epoxy resin, etc. ) 。
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