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Did you know the circular motor hall sensor?

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Most people might hear the term will feel very strange, it often appear in our life, is often applied to the automotive industry and taxi meter, and frequency converter, let us to know about the motor hall sensor using the principle of the circular. Motor hall sensor magnetic ring is a kind of magnetic sensor, magnetic ring and the combination of induction hall element, magnetic ring with rotor rotation, the hall sensor with the rotor rotating magnetic ring, magnetic ring used to ( An even number) , such as to extremely, 3 to extremely, 4 to 2 pole and so on, each pair of extremely divided into N and S poles. Hall element to trigger is very great, bipolar and unipolar all three species, the existing water heater water flow sensor is used more unipolar latches, namely the N pole and S pole in turn through the hall position sensor output a pulse signal, in other words, is a pair of electrode pole output a pulse signal, many of electrode pole output multiple pulse signal. Amorphous and nanocrystalline copper ( Superfine crystal core) , air gap opening incision, middle to join hall chip, etc. , to implement the monitoring of current sampling and so on. Used in new energy electric motor controller system, for the industry we have several top motor controller manufacturers, has a mature technology and experience, provide powerful guarantee for the quality of your products! Brushless motors and some constant speed motor hall sensor magnetic ring, often need to used in brushless motor industry, or called the hall sensor in the poles for the circular motor hall sensor are generally multipole magnetic ring, its working principle is to rely on the circular multiple poles and induction hall element, in order to test the speed and efficiency of the motor, and can according to the hall sensor magnetic ring for the signal to control the motor operation work. Hall voltage changes along with the change of magnetic field intensity, the stronger the magnetic field, the higher the voltage, the weaker magnetic field, the lower the voltage, the hall voltage is very small, usually only a few millivolts, but by the amplifier amplification in the integrated circuit, can make the output voltage amplification enough strong signal. If make the hall integrated circuit sensor role, need to use mechanical methods to change the magnetic induction intensity. Shown below method is to use a rotating impeller as a switch to control the magnetic flux, when the impeller vane in the air gap between the magnet and hall integrated circuit, the magnetic field deviates from the integration, the hall voltage disappears. In this way, the output voltage of the hall integrated circuit changes, can show the impeller drive shaft of a certain position, using the principle of work, can be the hall integrated circuit with function ignition timing sensor. The hall effect sensors are passive sensors, it must have a plus the power to work, this characteristic makes it can detect low speed operation. Cut a hall current sensor tone gap silicon steel circular and an iron core 【 Advantage 】 Dc ac complex large current and stable current output signal, good consistency of high precision, small work performance is high. High magnetic permeability, low residual magnetism, high saturation magnetic flux density, high precision and high efficiency. Resistance is too large current, from dozens to hundreds of thousands of Ann Ann Ann's current range, it is not easy to saturation. Current transformer used in hall sensors, a large number of in new energy automobile electric motor controller. It is for the circular motor hall sensor has a firm structure, small volume, light weight, easy installation, long life and so on many of the advantages to use, in various fields has been widely used. Hall copper content related articles; What is a good magnet hall sensor magnetic steel used? Hall sensor with circular and parameters is introduced
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