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Details about the rubber magnetic difference and difference

by:Newland     2020-04-27
Rubber magnet has the branch of homosexual and heterosexual, both heterosexual magnetic relatively better, on this basis and can be divided into single-sided and double-sided magnetic, and can pick back glue and back glue, not to attend the magnet in the rubber powder and all kinds of chelating agent through such as mixer, calendering vulcanizing, withdraw from sulfide process to manufacture magnetic rubber sheet, Rubber soft magnetic) 。 Can make single-sided and double-sided coated magnetic, its main physical properties is characterized by specific gravity, hardness is high, high flatness and the light is good, have good wear resistance and high pressure resistance, its length can according to the practical demand for cutting or volume model, because the rubber magnetic data itself high plasticity, finished products or semi-finished products are able to casual knife cutting, punching, and mounted on other materials. Also not easy to demagnetization, also has excellent anticorrosive. With the opposite sex between rubber magnetic, magnetic anisotropic magnetic rubber with high magnetic function; Gay rubber magnetic rubber magnetic density than the opposite sex and low temperature. Heterosexual rubber magnetic many applications in micro motor, computer, laser printer, copier, magnetic toys, etc.
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