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by:Newland     2019-09-09
Folk art for sale in the Spanish market in Santa Fe.
The Fe Hotel La Posada de Sante exhibits/sells paintings.
Rock, Paper, Scissors sculpture outside the canyon road Art Gallery.
Whimsical sculptures outside the canyon road Art Gallery.
Artist Georgia O\'Keefe lives and paints the desert landscape of the Ghost Ranch.
The mailbox creates a unique artwork on the wall of adobe home.
Sculpture outside the Museum of Indian art and culture.
Dried Chilean peppers hanging on Adobe raf.
Photo source: Lori friary/Vancouver Sun girl who makes fresh tortillas in Maria\'s New Mexico kitchen.
Various Chilean spices sold at Santa Fe farmers market.
Alexander Gillard is on display at the International Folk Art Museum in Museum Hill. SANTA FE, N. M. -
At first glance, it seems to be the most unlikely and fitting place to find yourself completely immersed in art, as it is a town proudly standing alone in the desert, A place where a person needs to walk a road to get.
We do, because here, people can find more original art than they think, in museums, in all 14 museums, in the foothills of the central square and the Museum Hill, and art galleries, along the winding half, all 275
Miles Canyon Road, hidden in the alleys of the city\'s core.
There are dozens of shops, stalls and street markets here.
Farmers Market, Indian market, art market and Spanish market
Their lively culture and irresistible customs fill the town-crafted wares.
Just here, 7,000 feet above sea level, the desert is eager for rain, Mesa and the mountains form a glorious background of gray brown, purple and green under the scorching sun, and art has become an international business card.
It\'s everywhere, from turquoise pulled out of local mines to beautifully crafted jewelry
From brightly colored striped textiles and woven garments to thousands of paintings and sculptures that seem to decorate every wall and corner of every house and business, fill every yard and common space in this small state capital, 70,000-hour drive from Albuquerque, north of New Mexico.
Centuries ago, Santa Fe was settled by the Pueblo Indians and colonised by Spanish and Mexican explorers from the late 1500 s, his history immersed in the simplicity of indigenous Indian culture.
Its quaint tranquility and sheer beauty of the desert environment attract movie stars (
Alan Alkin, Gene Hackman, Ali McGraw and Jane Fonda are famous people who have family here)
And art travelers from all over the world, adding a Santa Fe to their collection.
Here, the humble Chilean pepper also powers the economy and controls the taste. Here, the artistic inclination of the town goes beyond the studio, extending to the culinary creations provided by a group of young executive chefs in 250 restaurants, they used the invention of local ingredients to firmly map Santa Fe\'s food.
Right here, in this small place, the Santa Fe Opera House shows La Traviata in an open amphitheater, where customers are torn between worlds --
Class performances on stage and spectacular views of the Horizon rolling under theater lights.
This is a small town of housing style. adobe —
Has become the art of architecture, the hotel is usually made of the original adobe structure, cooling the heat with thick walls and equipped with traditional viga ceilings and quaint kiva fireplaces, the hospitable place extends to the huge public ice water cooler to prevent altitude sickness that is quietly present in the cold air.
Some hotels are also custom art galleries such as La Posada de Santa Fe, historic 19 th Santa Fe
The century interior decoration covers the work of local artists and the amenities include
Curator of live art
Because it always comes back to art in Santa Fe.
On the museum Hill, visitors discover a adobe enclave consisting of the Indian Museum of Art and culture, the Spanish museum of colonial art and the International Folk Art Museum, the latter has an incredible 100,000 permanent and magnificent planning section-
Alexander Gillard, an architect and designer, collected and donated world folk art works to the museum.
In Santa Fe, lightning often staged a spectacular performance, with the famous artist Georgia O\'Keefe settling down in the 1930 s, the famous work being the remote Ghost Ranch of desert flora and fauna around her home, later in the nearby Abiquiu purchased and restored a hilltop adobe compound, where her simple aesthetic and colorful explanation of the landscape she so cherished made modern-day artists.
Today, O\'Keefe\'s estate is open to visitors, mainly because she left when she moved back to Santa Fe in 1984 due to poor health.
Fruit trees and self outside.
The garden she grows is also growing vegetables and herbs.
Inside, the kitchen did not move, the shelves were filled with pots of dried spices, and old wooden tables overlooking the backyard and the valley in the distance.
With her spare studio and her more spare bedrooms, the smallest furniture and the small kiva fireplace, the mountains are hidden from the picture window.
There is a huge antlers shelf in the entrance hall, under which she posed for photographer Yousuf Kash in 1956 in such a forbearance.
There is a black patio door on Adobe\'s wall facing the dusty courtyard, which makes her so eager for the place that it will be the subject of one of her most popular paintings.
It can be said that O\'Keefe is the most famous citizen of Santa Fe, and her heritage is celebrated in abiquieu and the okiaf Museum in Georgia. On 1986, the 98-year-old opened 11 years after her death. Today, her work has preserved more than 3,000 pieces, from iconic paintings to paintings, sculptures and photos taken by her husband, famous photographer Alfred Stiglitz.
When you find the way to Santa Fe, this local person calls it a different city, because of aukiff and art, and more importantly, before you board the plane and go home, you will inevitably find yourself planning a return trip.
10 things to do in Santa fe1.
Georgia O\'Keefe
About an hour later, visit the quiet Abiquiu compound of the late artist and walk to the place where she walked and where she painted.
Then, go back to Santa Fe and visit the Georgia O\'Keefe Museum to buy print.
You will regret it if you don\'t. 2. Eat.
There are 250 places to eat in this small town. There are a variety of delicious southwest foods, as well as Chile-
Everything will introduce you to the taste of New Mexican food. From top-
This is a gourmet city with delicious food at the farmers\' market once a week. 3. Art.
You will never have enough time to visit all 275 art galleries and marvel at the diversity of talent and the original artwork that can be found in every corner of the town, but you have to try. 4. Staircase.
The legendary spiral
A \"magic staircase\" was formed in the Lorito church, built by a mysterious Carpenter in the late 1800 s, and he answered the nun\'s dream, but it disappeared without a trace. After making the twisted stairs, the stairs seemed to float in the air without obvious signs of support. 5. Opera.
Glorious 2,126-seat open-
The amphitheater on the edge of the town features five famous Santa Fe operas every summer.
If your opinion doesn\'t catch your breath, the world is likely --
Class performance meeting. 6. Hiking.
Depart for the foothills of the sangrede Cristos Mountains, or just stroll through the picturesque Santa Fe neighborhood, especially in the early morning or evening, when the sun cools down and when the light bounces off the adobe walls, its Rainbow Magic will disappear. 7. Museums.
There are a total of 14, including a variety of folk art, modern art, and works of art and exhibitions in Spain and India.
Whether it\'s a suburban Museum Hill or an art museum near the square, you\'ll be amazed at the historic heritage and inventory Treasures of New Mexico. 8. Santa Fe Trail.
Speaking of adventure, find the way to Taos, or follow the historic Santa Fe Trail to the Pecos National Historic Park, where the carriage carries the story of land trade, and settlers \'pursuit of gold, silver and turquoise. 9. Adobe love.
The charm and uniqueness of adobe architecture in the area reflects the history of Santa Fe and the culture of Pueblo, if it is not enough to look outside, please register for the annual PhD course
Guide behind a tour of Adobe Walls and gardens. 10. Retail therapy.
Indian souvenirs & crafts, Turquoise jewelry & original art Turquoise blo
For pottery and religious works of art, provide tool cowboy boots for everything in bright colors, native and Southwest.
Go shopping for Santa Fe\'s love.
Sfralic @ swiversun.
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