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denial is america’s national pastime, but real patriotism requires honesty

by:Newland     2019-10-19
Trump seems to believe that the great work of restoring the United States has basically been completed, and even his critics do not seem to know the very serious problems facing the country, but scream at social and self-problems.
Exaggerate privilege.
The current \"awakening\" criticism of the United States has basically no historical or economic understanding.
In the second half of the 20 th century, as the US economic situation began to decline, the US government invested considerable energy in maintaining economic growth, before solving the problem that hindered prosperity, give priority to maintaining the facade of a prosperous country.
Followers of Milton Friedman\'s neo-liberal economics have persuaded the government that their only hope is to continue to cut taxes on the rich and hope that they will eventually drop a little on others.
Acknowledging the failure of the system will reveal weaknesses that will be fully exploited.
Mature Communist party take over
So Americans have become very good at lying to themselves, and even the Trump-era fashion anti-patriots are provoking fireworks, believing that once they get rid of that pesky old president, everything will be fine. America’s once-A powerful army.
Best Industrial Complex
The financial flows in the funded economic sector are more than the combined military budget of the next nine countries, and in such a sad state, the government is increasingly having to bully its allies into buying its substandard products.
Turkey is reluctant to give up buying Russian S-
400 the missile system, the warned sanctions will put Ankara out of trouble in the U. S. F-
35 projects failed to persuade the country to cancel delivery from Russia.
For nearly two decades, F-
Due to cost overruns, design issues, and even security flaws, private data from foreign air forces will be exposed to the Pentagon. The F-
35 The problem is not surprising, as the weapons industry has been plundered by Wall Street vulture capitalists like other US manufacturing industries. Private equity-
Profiteering in this way, the Pentagon-the main beneficiary of every dollar of tax-fell into the hands of the monopolist.
A manufacturer of aerospace components called TransDigm has become the sole supplier of the 80% market for its services, monopolizing the represented market. Ro Khanna (D-Calif. )
Known as \'homeowners\' aerospace parts that are \"rarely noticed.
\"By controlling 90% of the supply chain, it has so thoroughly consolidated its control over the industry that, despite being manipulated by the head of the defense department three times, it is clear that it cannot be stopped.
And the price of TransDigm-
Gouging is a children\'s game adjacent to other monopoly L3 Technologies, and by scale and connection, it is able to beat few competitors to offer high prices and inferior products
High quality products leaving the Pentagon.
Due to the use of \"extremely sensitive and confidential information\" to gain a competitive advantage in the international market, L3 was even suspended from the Pentagon\'s list of suppliers, and the company was forced to pay $25.
For more than 6 million years, American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been provided with defective weapons.
However, since it is the only company capable of doing the job, it still exists.
The Pentagon has recently been reminded how terrible the situation is when China suggests that it can keep its rare earth minerals to plunge the US economy into a sharp halt.
And the rarity of American development-
Earth magnets currently used in almost all high-tech products
With technical military equipment and consumer electronics, the Pentagon now relies 100% on 20 minerals needed in China to produce everything from fighter jets to mobile phones to batteries and computer chips.
It\'s not an accident-Chinese investors are able to use Wall Street\'s mechanisms to control the rare earth industry in the United States and ship it overseas-and the bending of American banks does not help much in this unfailing help. so-
Hostile takeover
JP Morgan Chase was forced to pay the government $0. 265 billion to bribe the Communist Party of China, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup by hiring future generations of Party members) under investigation for nepotism. for-cash programs.
But hollowed out America.
In a country where making money has long replaced making money as the pinnacle of human achievement, prosperous industries are hardly considered unpatriotic.
TransDigm and L3 are praised in Wall Street publications for their savvy business decisions (
\"TransDigm managers don\'t think like engineers,\" in an article about how the company is \"ready for supersonic growth\" in the \"new era of killer drones\", the street is gushing.
The government has been conditioned by decades of neo-liberal dogmas that dictate the bad luck of the economy, just to continue with a quasi-
They can solve the religious beliefs of any problem in their own way.
Even Silicon Valley, once the last hope of a country that no longer builds anything, has been quietly transferred over the past decade to Israel, much of this is due to hedge who, at the beginning, worked hand in hand with Prime Minister Benjamin netner.
The Up national central initiative, known as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Israeli technology industry, makes big technology an offer it cannot refuse.
Roll out the red carpet to multinational companies such as Amazon and Microsoft to bring smart young alumni of IDF 8200 troops to their ranks (
Often compared to the National Security Agency)
Seduce them with a cooked buffetfor-
Acquisition Innovation-
Rich start-up, Netanyahu freely admitted that he had a \"very thoughtful policy\" to get Israel to resist --
Prove this by making it the center of the big tech universe.
Over the past four years, foreign investment in Israel\'s technology sector has almost quadrupled, and he has largely succeeded.
At the expense of Silicon Valley.
Earlier this year, Intel announced that it would invest $11 billion in another Israeli factory, followed by hundreds of layoffs in the United States;
In 2016, the company cut 12,000 jobs in the United States, and last year invested $5 billion in another factory in Israel.
Intel is cleaning up huge subsidies from the US and Israeli governments --
But only one country received a return on investment.
Microsoft unilaterally appointed its election guard software as the Sentinel of American democracy, and it is increasingly leaving the United States, cutting jobs in the United States while building a new campus, and in research and development in Israel
In the past four years, Washington State, Iowa and Virginia have even paid them nearly $0. 197 billion as they have expanded their footprint overseas.
No wonder Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are also quietly packing up their bags and leaving.
Good job if you can get it.
What the United States leaves to the media should be a voice that alerts the country\'s increasingly desperate population growth, not a microcosm of the same disaster.
The best example is CNN\'s bizarre
A network that claims to be a private company, but is forced to fill commercial disruptions with ads from defense contractors such as Boeing and Raytheon
Until a few years ago, the media was dedicated to telling Americans that everything was good at home --
Before they accept our superior freedom, we must bomb the rest of the world. CNN’s second-
The average daily ratings for the quarter were 541,000, down 18% from last year.
This number includes all the waiting rooms, the bank lobby, the airport and other passive screens running CNN every day, no matter whoor isn’t -watching. Even the top-
Fox\'s online rating is only 1.
An average of 32 million viewers a day, less than 1% of the American population.
These networks hardly keep the narrative of American exceptionalism together, and it does not really have a chance if the denial is not so firmly instilled in our national character.
Americans don\'t have to be ashamed of their patriotism.
It is natural to be proud of the country where you were born --
But if we really love America, it\'s time to be honest about what needs to be solved.
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