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Deep processing process flow and process of sintered ndfeb magnet is introduced in detail

by:Newland     2020-04-13
You want to know the deep processing of ndfeb magnets, today it comes, this article will introduce you to the deep processing of sintered ndfeb magnet process flow and each working procedure in detail. Deep processing technological process of sintered ndfeb magnet, magnet blank - Outer contour finishing - Cutting - Fine grinding - Chamfering - Electroplating - Inspection and testing - The finished product. The outer contour of magnets finishing with the centerless grinding machine (commonly Cylindrical magnet) Or surface grinding machine ( The square magnet) Finish, make blank magnets have neat outside profile and geometry size of reach regulations; We use diamond cutting jobs in circular slice machine or wire cutting machine, cutting after finishing the blank of magnet as the shape and size of close to finished product; Fine grinding process is to cut magnets with surface grinding machine, double-sided grinding machine or other grinding machine will be the size of the magnet, the requirements of the position tolerances of processing to the finished product; Chamfering is plating pretreatment process, to slow in the electroplating process caused by current density relatively concentrated magnet edge coating thickness is not uniform. Due to the usual sintered ndfeb magnets have different size, shape, finished product, so the free rolling finish the whole process is most suitable for the product mass chamfering processing. Free roll grinding the whole technology are: vibrating roller grinding of consolidation, eddy current type roll grinding spindle roller, centrifugal roll grinding the whole, polishing methods such as whole. Among them, the vibrating roller grinding the high production efficiency, pour the angular velocity is fast, has been widely for sintering Nd - Fe- B magnet processing factory adopted; Plating is to form a protective layer of magnets, the magnet usually adopt barrel plating process to achieve freedom, for larger size magnets, the plating process. Sintering Nd - Fe- B magnets plating depending on the use environment of magnets and cosmetic requirements Ni plating, zinc plating, phosphating, electrophoresis composite plating, alloy plating, etc. Surface layer of sintered ndfeb magnet in addition to the electroplating, and physical vapor deposition ( 周围性血管疾病) Method, physical vapor deposition and evaporation plating, sputtering, ion plating, can form such as Al, zinc, Cr plating; Chemical vapor deposition ( CVD) Can be formed nitride, carbide coating Ti, Cr, etc. In addition, can also use the surface chemical passivation of sintered ndfeb magnet, electroless plating, hot dip, thermal spraying method so as to obtain a variety of different surface protective layer. Inspection and test process is the magnet product appearance, size, form and position tolerances of state, coating corrosion resistance, magnetic testing, such as the indicators of the product. Above is all content of this article, with rare earth neodymium magnet processing welcome email, WeChat, or call us. The ndfeb magnet processing post; Machining characteristics and process of sintered ndfeb products? Simple introduction of ndfeb strong magnet ndfeb machining process two kinds of processing way
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