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Cylindrical magnet gauss value how to measure? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
More common in the production of cylindrical magnet, a magnet, ndfeb and ferrite material is generally more. But there are some friends haven't seen, also don't know its magnetization and gaussian worthy of measurement, today small make up to introduce. The cylindrical magnet magnetization have? Is usually the radial and axial these two, generally highly much larger than the diameter of the radial, thinner thickness for axial, of course this is not certain, give priority to with customer actual demand. Cylindrical magnet gauss value how to measure? Many people don't know the cylindrical magnet gauss value is how to measure? Measure? It the gauss magnet has two main test position, one is smooth on both ends, is a part of the surface smooth. This need according to the magnet manufacturer in custom the magnet when choosing materials and cutting direction. Normal ordinary cylindrical magnet is at both ends of a smooth, surface smooth moving by gauss meter, choose the highest gauss numerical. Side suction magnet requires a gauss meter in lateral move smoothly to select the highest gauss numerical range, by measuring cylindrical gauss magnet, and select the magnet gauss value range. Through the above gauss value range measurement methods for cylindrical magnet magnetization way, and you now have to know about it? If you still don't understand, you can contact us!
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