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Customers choose or custom-made electromagnet need to consider the following technical parameters

by:Newland     2020-04-23
Customers choose or custom-made electromagnet need to consider the following the technical parameters of 1. Appearance: install electromagnet locations can hold the largest size: long; Wide; High. 2. Electromagnet of stroke and its biggest suction requirements, 3 after power reset force requirements. To provide the power of the electromagnet maximum voltage; Current? Voltage stability of ac/dc power supply, can you provide are; Negative pulse power? 4. Whether you need electromagnet long uninterrupted work; Electricity intermittent work, every time the longest time and the shortest interval between two electricity; 5. The purpose of the electromagnet, the use of electromagnet environment of special requirements, such as temperature. Humidity; Impact; Vibration; Note: acceleration of ac electromagnet ( 1) Insert soft iron bars a spiral coil inside, then when the coil through electricity, the inside of the coil magnetic field make soft magnetic iron bar into a magnet for the time being, but the current be cut, the coil and magnetic vanish and soft iron bars. ( 2) After magnetization of the magnetic field generated by soft iron bars, plus the original coil in the magnetic field, the total magnetic field strength greatly enhanced, so the magnet of the magnetic force is greater than the natural magnet. ( 3) The greater the spiral coil current, line the more number of loops, the electromagnet stronger magnetic field. Magnet, powerful magnets, special-shaped magnets, magnet manufacturer,
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