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Custom sink hole shape magnet standards and requirements

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Sink hole magnets, magnet manufacturer in view is a general magnet, but it seems to the layman, this is a not a brief magnet. What is sink hole magnet? Many people don't know, general magnet block punching method has two kinds, one is straight hole, the other one is the sink hole. Straight hole we all know, it is a general hole, exactly what kind of sink hole? Magnet punch sink hole, many are for lunch with screw, so demand sink hole, so it is actually a sink hole hole with size 2 heads, then from the aspects of macroporous down screws, screw to plane and magnet surface flat. Then we sink hole magnets custom, need pay attention to those aspects? He needs a hollowed sink hole magnet magnet block center location, so the magnet blocks can't be too thin, there are 5 mm thickness is better, and then sink holes at the ends of the plane from the hole not too close, because the magnet is very fragile, if too close, easy craze, so our magnet manufacturer will suggest at least 3 mm or so, so so, and not too thin thickness at the ends of the hole to the edge will not be too close, can reduce the probability of cracking. Back: do you know about magnets principle whether a certain page: measure the relevant details of the magnetic you have understand
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