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Custom sink hole shape details of the magnet do you understand

by:Newland     2020-04-29
In magnet manufacturers point of view, sink hole magnet is common magnets, however, in the eyes of amateur, this is not a simple magnet. What is the countersunk magnets? Many people don't know. There are two ways on the magnet piece punching. One is a straight hole, the other is a sink hole. Straight hole is transparent, it is common, so what is the sink hole? There is hole on the magnet, many of which are for the convenience of screw, so it is necessary to make sink hole. Then, sink hole is actually a has two large diameter hole, and then screw down from macro pore screw flat plane and magnet. Equal to zero. So, when we have a custom countersunk magnets, is there any requirement? Counter bore magnets need to in the center of the magnet piece hollowed out, so the magnet piece don't too thin, the best thickness for 5 mm. Then, the sink holes at the ends of the flat hole position should not be too close. Because the magnet is very weak, if too close to, the crack is very simple, so we insist on paste at least 3 mm magnets chamber of commerce, so is not too thin, hole spacing between both ends will not too small, and can reduce the possibility of cracking. Previous page: do you want to know about a page on the power of the magnet: control the quality of the strong ndfeb magnetic you want to know
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