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Example business case, 

Purchase order: 25,000 pcs magnetic filters

Buyer from: Germany 

Company type: Importer 

Information Channel: Newland Homepage 

Total Amount: 2,500,000USD 

Further Details: At the beginning, this inquiry was sent by Germen customer through our web. In order to assist customer better, we firstly had a phone call to do a business discussion for learning requirements better. Then we reviewed all requests of magnetic filters and immediately communicated a final confirmation regarding product availability, delivery time and final charges. After that prototypes were made for running simulation to check function and validate product behavior. Customer got samples and very satisfied. One week later this order had been located, we started production soon. During this period detailed information about order process was shared with our customer all the time. Finally we got a feedback from customers three months after this shipment, which said it was one of the best procurements they had ever made. 

We would be very grateful to serve as many clients as possible to make a better market environment!  

Contact us to receive a complimentary price quote based on your designated demands.
Our technicians will take your ideas and work together with you to create a design concept. Our engineers can help you select the perfect solution for your design.
Prototypes would be prepared for running simulations. We will view and analyze simulation results for optimizing performance to ensure quality.

Once design concept has been finalized and an order placed, we will make samples for you to approve or request modifications to your design. Usually we delivery to you by express, Such as DHL and Fedex. It usually costs 4-7 days.
Upon your final approval, our worker team will strat your production. Your magnets are then meticulously set by our expert craftsmen.
Your beautifully finished piece is then thoroughly inspected by our Quality Assurance team and shipped in our distinctive packaging. OEM packaging options are provided. Sea or Air transportation are both available. The delivery time depends on distance between us.

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