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Custom make the difference between the magnets and wholesale magnet is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Wholesale a lot of friends to make magnets and magnet will confuse, always thought that wholesale and make to order is the same, actually otherwise, the difference between the two are high, wholesale is directly take goods in bulk, what magnet performance, specifications, the tolerance is what is what, can not change, order can be according to the requirements of his/her needs, let the magnet manufacturer to carry on the processing, some would be relatively long period of time, both of which one is better? Actually for customized magnet or wholesale magnet cannot tell which is better, is not the same as the different needs of customers, convenient to use soon can choose wholesale, there are some magnet makers would make some shipments is bigger, the commonly used magnet size is put in the warehouse, it takes time and effort to find a lot of magnet factory ask one by one, to compare routine is easy to find, after all, so many domestic magnet factory. If you have any requirements on the magnet, such as the specification is special, the performance is better can choose custom magnets, magnet can provide customized needs of the specifications of the magnet size, performance, plating, heat resistance. Is a major see customers need wholesale or custom, general like handbag factory, packaging plant, speaker factory direct wholesale, mostly because this industry is not so high to the requirement of the magnet, comparing the conventional and dosage is large, it is easy to find a spot. And motor, sensor many such manufacturer is the custom, because the motor to the parameters of the magnet is to have certain requirements, such as magnetic force size, the number of magnet magnetization and so on. Dongguan Ricky magnet card manufacturer professional custom make all kinds of permanent magnet material, support to figure to sample processing customized, need friends welcome to call or leave a message to our quotation. Related to the magnet order wholesale articles; Why customized magnet to provide so much information to you? Custom magnets magnet manufacturers have what material to choose from?
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