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Countersunk holes ndfeb magnets and ring ndfeb magnet production and points for attention

by:Newland     2020-05-08
With various products constantly updated, so now the ndfeb magnet is no longer as before, most is given priority to with round and square shape, including the proportion of ndfeb magnet ndfeb magnetic ring and countersunk hole is bigger, also with the need of some products, so we also had some tile shape, concave and convex shape, edge trough, reducer, polygons, and so on some of the specifications of the other special-shaped. Ndfeb magnetic ring and countersunk hole ndfeb magnet production process is basically the same, for example, I now raw materials is a 20 mm length is 34 mm diameter specifications, now want to make a 20 mm diameter in the middle of straight hole 5 mm thickness 5 mm ndfeb magnetic ring, or is among 20 mm diameter straight hole 5 mm sink hole 10 mm thickness is 5 mm hole countersunk magnets, so we take the first step is first D20 * 34 mm raw materials with the drilling machine, made from 20 mm diameter, middle straight hole 5 mm length 34 mm of semi-finished products, and then use professional magnets cutting machine cut into d5 D20 * * 5 mm ( Thickness) Of semi-finished products, so now if it is the circular, the shape is complete, countersunk hole ndfeb magnets will need to take the d5 D20 * * 5 mm semi-finished products one by one to play the sink hole, this step corresponding processing speed is more slowly. Then after electroplating and the magnetization is the ndfeb magnetic ring and countersunk hole we see a finished product of ndfeb magnet. So in this process, the thickness of the single product and wall thickness should be not too thin, such as a 12 mm in diameter, to drill a 10 mm in the middle of the hole. Thus it is easy to fracture scrap. According to many years of experience, wall thickness need to be 2. More than 5 mm, scrap rate is less, you'd better also to 2 mm thickness. Ndfeb magnet ndfeb magnetic ring and countersunk hole during the period of plating is more strict, as some informal electroplating factory or technology is not mature and electroplating factory, in the electroplating process, there are often hitches in the hole other groceries or rust. So as we in the process is very mature, can provide high quality and cost-effective, high service three high product.
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