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Countersunk hole powerful magnet production and processing process introduced _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Countersunk hole powerful magnet production and processing process is introduced with the advancement of industrial civilization, now the quadrature in the compasses in ndfeb magnet is no longer as before, which the circular and countersunk head in proportion of type also more and more big, in other words, the casting technique is becoming more and more popular. But there are a lot of customers to find our Ricky magnet card manufacturers, a door and said to the spot. As small make up of the magnet manufacturer, I will take the responsibility to say with you, this is not realistic. Because the magnet as all kinds of products on the market of spare parts, size is the same, but the big difference. The concave and convex shape, size, head, not to mention the fan. Below for the countersunk head Kong Qiang magnet D50X5 hole 6 mm actually ndfeb magnetic ring and the production process of ndfeb magnet countersunk hole is basically the same, now raw materials (e. g. me Mm mm is the default units) Is a diameter of 12 of the specifications of the thickness of 2, now want to make it a among 12 straight hole diameter 3. 5 thickness 2 ndfeb magnetic ring, or diameter 12 straight hole 3 in the middle. 5 sink hole 6. Countersunk hole with a thickness of 5 2 magnets, so we take the first step is first D12 * 2 mm raw materials with the drilling machine, made 12 diameter, middle straight hole 3. 5 thickness 2 semi-finished products, and then use professional magnets cutting machine cut into D12 * d3. 5*2mm( Thickness) Of semi-finished products, so now if it is the circular, the shape is complete, ndfeb magnet countersunk hole will need to take the D12 * d3. 5 * 2 mm of semi-finished products one by one to play the sink hole, this step corresponding processing speed is more slowly. Then after electroplating and the magnetization is we see ndfeb magnetic ring and ndfeb magnet countersunk hole of a finished product, because of considering the customer for magnet, don't know, our company adhering to the spirit of service, to provide customers free consulting services. Have to ndfeb magnet countersunk hole purchasing custom welcome call contact ndfeb manufacturers network customer service hotline.
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