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Control the quality of the strong ndfeb magnetic you want to know

by:Newland     2020-04-18
Ndfeb magnet is also known as the modern industrial monosodium glutamate. High performance magnets, as an important additive in modern industry, promote the development of modern industry, and is widely applied in various fields. The quality of the finished magnets mainly embodied in the following three aspects: the magnet performance; The magnet size magnets plating. Ndfeb blank material performance guarantee is the initial and the most basic premise. Magnet billet manufacturers according to the business needs to prepare for different levels of ndfeb material. Advancement of magnet production process also determines the quality of the performance of the magnet. In each of the sintering process of quality control is also very important. Various shapes of ndfeb magnets, such as round, cylindrical, special-shaped, square, ceramic tile, trapezoid. Different shapes of magnets by different machine tool processing. Skilled technology and high precision processing equipment and determines the accuracy of the product. Magnets plating coating including zinc, nickel, nickel, copper, nickel, copper and gold plating, silver, etc. Of the magnet has its own electroplating workshop, can according to the different needs of customers for electrolytic magnet. The quality of the magnet is only part of the control of raw materials performance, control in the process of machining dimension tolerance, grasp the time, and in the process of electroplating sure after plating coating thickness. Test the magnet flux and magnetic gauss value; Measured with vernier caliper and micrometer size accuracy; Coating color and brightness, coating and coating adhesion, and through the appearance to observe the surface of the magnet ( With or without spots) 。 No drop along the assessment of the overall quality of the magnets. Back: the details of the custom sink hole shape magnet do you understand the next page: you know about magnets can normal working temperature. 。 。
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