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consider northeast b.c. for vacation home bargains

by:Newland     2019-11-16
Lodge by Glacier
The Fed Lake on the pristine coast of an island in the mountains or the Georgia Strait is the dream of many British columnians, but when it comes to signing on the dotted line, most buyers want not only the perfect location but also a good investment.
Whistler is an obvious choice, and Okanagan has been thriving in recent years as a magnet for home buyers.
But while both places are popular, prices tend to be higher than those many would like to spend on huts and some land.
So, B. Are there any hidden holiday home gems? C.
This definitely provides location and value, said LandQuest Realty Corporation of New Westminster.
A company based in Area B that specializes in the sale of rural, recreational and investment real estateC.
He said the Peace River region offers better outdoor entertainment and speculative portfolios than almost any other region in the province.
He added that China\'s economy is dominated by oil, natural gas and forestry, which should give comfort to buyers seeking good investment.
\"The Peace River area is not one-
Economy pony.
If one department lags, the other can make up for the gap.
\"Compared to other regions in the province that are completely dependent on a single industry, this creates more security and predictability for land prices,\" said dessund . \".
While \"location, location\" is often touted as the most important factor in real estate investment, it is also \"price, compared to regions such as Whistler and Kelowna\" in peace areas \".
\"For example, if you are interested in having your own hobby farm, you can buy high
Quality farmland anywhere in the area is about $1,000 to $1,500 per acre, the further you venture from Dawson Creek or Fort St.
\"John, the more affordable it becomes,\" he said . \".
When deciding where to invest, buyers of holiday homes should consider what is most important to them.
\"For example, do you care more about the income potential or capital appreciation of the property at the expense of recreational opportunities, or do you prefer to maximize the entertainment side of the property at the expense of economic benefits, \"said.
Sainsund recommends professionals who are interested in owning the property and all its infrastructure, such as water supply, septic system and heating.
If there is anything that needs to be repaired, make sure the repair is completed before agreeing to the purchase and make the repair the subject of your offer.
He said that the frequency of maintenance and use is the other two factors that should be taken into account when deciding where to buy a vacation property.
\"The biggest regret we \'ve heard from holiday homeowners is that they can\'t use the property very often.
If the access is too heavy, they don\'t use it as often as they want, and then when they get there, they spend their time on maintenance and housekeeping, so their holiday became a job.
It is recommended that holiday home buyers also pay attention to the tax and real estate planning aspects of owning the holiday home.
\"There is a strategy to effectively handle capital gains taxes, property ownership and control that will not only leave more property for the people you care about, but will also give them headaches on the road, credit cooperatives provide advice on their websites.
Blueshore said this is important because the prices of entertainment properties have risen sharply in recent years, and many have long
The investment value of timeshare property owners has increased considerably.
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