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Commonly used several kinds of magnet type and advantages and disadvantages of introducing _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Magnetic material refers to material composed of ferromagnetic materials, motor, electric appliance, electron, acoustic, optical, instrument, the main materials, magnetic materials according to the different performance can be divided into two types: soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. This paper mainly introduces several common advantages and disadvantages of the magnet, there are mainly five kinds, respectively is ferrite magnets, ndfeb magnet, samarium cobalt SmCo, aluminum nickel and cobalt AlNiCo, rubber magnetic. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of magnet introduces a, ferrite advantages: cheap, good temperature characteristic, corrosion resistance, good cost performance. Faults: weak magnetism, fragile fall off easily. Second, ndfeb advantages: magnetic supreme, the price, good strength, easy processing into alien. Disadvantages: not high temperature resistant and corrosion, fragile. Three, samarium cobalt advantages: high heat resistance, good temperature stability, corrosion resistance. Weakness: the price is higher, aluminum nickel and cobalt AlNiCo four advantages: optimal temperature properties, corrosion resistance, resistance to interference. Disadvantages: easy to be magnetized ( Demagnetization) Five, the rubber magnet advantages: flexible, can be folded, can cut, corrosion resistance. Disadvantages: magnetic is very weak, at 100 ℃ magnetic began to decline. That is about the advantages and disadvantages of several normal magnet type and introduction, compiled by the ndfeb magnet manufacturers network.
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