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by:Newland     2019-11-07
Return Transcript main pageCNN newsroom Trump attends D-with world leaders-
Thousands protested Trump\'s visit in central London;
President promisedK. -U. S. Trade Deal;
Republican senators oppose Mexican tariffs
Mexican tariffs are expected to take effect on Monday;
Trump threatened to impose tariffs on MexicoS. Importers. Aired 1-
2a ETAired June 5, 2019-
01:00 ETTHIS is a hurried transcript.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. (
Business break)[01:00:00]
John Worth, CNN International anchor: Donald Trump\'s curious world, where these protests have never happened and those protesters have never existed, but their location ---
But they are in their position, and, rather, thousands of flags --
No one saw waving supporters.
After more than two years of rolling, Republicans resisted-
Almost every problem has to be solved.
Republican lawmakers may be willing to counter President Trump\'s plan to stop him from imposing tariffs on Mexico.
Cardinal George Pell of Melbourne, Australia, appeared in court.
His lawyer argued that the convicted child sex abuser had not been tried free of charge.
Hello, welcome viewers from all over the world to join us.
I\'m glad you could spend another hour with us.
I\'m John Worth. You\'re watching CNN.
A few hours from now, the United StatesS.
The president will join other world leaders in commemorating D-on the southern coast of England-Day.
This will once again remind people of Western unity, which has been repeatedly emphasized during his state visit to the United States. K.
On Tuesday, the president promised
Britain withdrew from the EU trade deal, but his remarks at the NHS were immediately angered.
A few hours later, the president withdrew those comments.
Trump also said Britain\'s exit from the EU would happen, and she only praised the Prime Minister and her for negotiating a way out of the EU. U. --
There is still no agreement.
Despite the great reversal of previous criticism. (
Start Video Editing)
US President Donald Trump: I think it\'s going to happen and it\'s going to happen.
This is a great country. It wants its own identity.
It wants to have its own borders.
It wants to manage its own affairs.
This is a very, very special place. I think it should have a special place.
I think maybe it\'s for this and other reasons, but it\'s going to happen.
Yes, I think it will happen and I believe the Prime Minister has taken it to a very good pointtoo-distant future. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VAUSE: Phil Black of Portsmouth and Dominic Thomas, CNN\'s European affairs commentator, joined our live broadcast.
But Phil, you first.
In the past few days, there have been constant reminders you know, sometimes subtle reminders you know, about the American consciousness of the president. K. -U. S. alliance.
Listen to Theresa May\'s welcome to Donald Trump on Tuesday. (
Start Video Editing)
British Prime Minister Theresa May: Over the past two and a half years, the president and I have the responsibility and honor to be the latest Guardian of the precious and deep friendship between our two countries.
Like our predecessors, when we face threats to the security of our citizens and allies, we stand together and act together. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VAUSE: The ceremony will begin to pay tribute to the allies who participated in D-Day invasion.
The biggest reason, you know, is for those who have fought, not Donald Trump, who has actually been a divided figure in the last few years.
Considering the existence of the United StatesS.
The president and the protests and everything they bring, is it easier said than done?
CNN correspondent Phil Black: Well, John, today this is going to be a huge memorial event in Portsmouth, marking an incredibly big event in the modern history of Europe.
Landing day 75 years ago
This military operation played such a huge role in the final outcome of World War II.
So with this in mind, the event is much bigger than any guest here today.
Donald Trump is just a guest and an important guest, but he will not be the focus of today\'s thoughts, memories and glory here.
At the heart of it is that you will have veterans, more than 300 of them, those who have really experienced a storm at the bottom of the Ocean Beach, who have fallen from the sky or provided support from the air and sea.
And then, as you mentioned, I think a lot of people focus on the bigger theme, and that\'s the meaning of events like today, the meaning of international relations.
These are bigger than the people involved.
So I think an important theme of all this will be planning and executing D-
John, the relevance of this cooperation and coordination in today\'s international context.
VAUSE: So Dominic, you want you to know, the importance of this moment, the meaning, the meaning, the importance of this anniversary, just like the day of remembrance and celebration.
Would you expect to lose this on this US site? S. President?
Dominic Thomas, CNN\'s European affairs commentator: Yes.
Because I think his presence is that he finds himself completely out of his comfort zone.
He will be accompanied by French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. The event has nothing to do with him.
He has never performed well at these large gatherings of international leaders.
The focus will be on veterans and commemorative events, which is a very important moment in history, because of course it is the 75 th anniversary, in fact, there are still some veterans who will be there, this means that the next time there is a major commemorative event, they will not be there as long as they are mathematically speaking.
So this marks a significant point of change, and as Phil points out, all discussions will be about the fact that, that is, this is only a multilateral opposition to evil that different countries work together to fight.
All comments on this, whether implicit or explicit, will eventually resonate and be directed to President Trump, who is so responsible for uncertainty, in these multilateral relationships today, because of his first agenda for the United States, and the way he offended many of the leaders who would be present at these memorial events.
VAUSE: Maybe she was asked the question of Donald Trump, and you know, she will be able to see all these events happen because on Tuesday, he seems to have a hard time seeing what other people obviously see.
This is thousands of defense.
Trump protesters gathered on the streets of London.
This is what we see as the president. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: Then I heard there was a protest.
I said where is the protest?
I don\'t see any protests?
I did see a small protest when I came here today, very small.
I don\'t want to say that many of them are fake news.
But you see people waving the American flag and waving your flag, it\'s great spirit and love.
There is great love.
This is an alliance. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VAUSE: Phil, the president talked about, you know, at some point, thousands of supporters waving their flags on the streets of London, and I think it was their MAGA hat.
There are now thousands of wells in Portsmouth.
The best wishes and supporters came to cheer for America. S. President?
Blake: not much so far, John, but it\'s still early.
I don\'t want to see many people here. -
For this purpose, many people here are in the middle of the day.
The people of Portsmouth understand the meaning of this day.
This is a defining moment in the history of the city, because there are a lot-
The ships set off from the nearby coastline and launched an attack on the beach at the bottom of the island.
This is very important.
They understand what this is all about.
So people will come here today, yes, but, it will be to remember what happened here 75 years ago, as we have been talking about, remember the importance of it in the outcome of the war, of course, those who participated in the war and those who endured that extraordinary action at that time were also required.
VAUSE: this is a very important day and we have made this very clear.
Dominic, you know, in the past
Protests in London and across the United StatesK. before.
The war in Iraq is a typical example.
George w. Bush is very unpopular.
His war was very unpopular.
He admitted it.
But instead of avoiding being known to you, he flew by helicopter from one incident to another to avoid seeing these protests.
No, he\'s not.
As you mentioned, he\'s on a massive scale.
War protests, if anything dwarfs the protests that took place around the United StatesK.
During President Trump\'s visit.
George w. Bush pointed out at the time that people did not agree with him, but they had the right to express their opinions.
He emphasized the importance of freedom of expression, and of course, at that time he was visiting Tony Blair, who was closely related to him on these particular issues.
Demonstrations continued.
This is actually an important part of modern American president\'s first state visit.
You know, Phil, for you. If the U. S.
The president hopes the visit will help highlight the benefits of a free trade agreement between the United States and the United States. S. and the U. K.
Then, his comments on national health services at a press conference with Theresa May may do more harm than good.
That\'s what he said. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: When you-
When you are doing trade, everything is on the table.
So you\'re pretty much the NHS or something--
On top of that, everything will be on the table, absolutely.
May: But the key to a trade agreement is, of course, the two sides negotiate and should or should not reach an agreement on the trade agreement. -for the future. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Theresa May, in particular, jumped in and said it was a negotiation.
The president did get a chance.
After that, in an early television interview, he said the TV was not on the table. Here he is. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: I don\'t think it\'s on the table.
I was asked a question today and I said everything can be negotiated because everything is OK but I don\'t think it is ---
I don\'t think it\'s part of trade.
This is not trade. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Because: you know, despite going back and forth, the president\'s comments seem to raise concerns that at the end of the day, these trade negotiations between Britain and the United StatesK. --
Between Britain and the United StatesS.
Instead, we will see the United States. S. simply add to --
You know, it\'s a mess of Britain in their deal. [01:10:11]BLACK: Yes.
This is a real fear.
You will hear more about this when the UK enters
The future of Britain\'s exit from the EU, because once Britain leaves the EUU.
Trade agreements for e-commerce. U.
Negotiation does not apply.
It will have to negotiate on its own.
Obviously, a big problem, perhaps the biggest one, is the relationship with the United States.
There\'s a fear here. -
You see, so far, it exists in speculation, but there is a real fear.
Negotiations with the United States.
There must be giving and asking.
The UK will believe that negotiating with a stronger economic country in the form of the United States, therefore concessions must be made to allow access to the market and through products and services, otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable with American products and services.
The NHS is a real emotional flash point at this point because it\'s a taxpayer --
Institutions loved and respected by the people of the country.
The idea of allowing American health and medical companies to get more services has caused huge political controversy here.
It is worrying that when it comes to the critical moment when it comes to reaching an agreement, if that means not completing the agreement, can the British government say no.
For now, this is in--
Within the political realm here.
No one is in favor of NHS services for such negotiations.
But these problems are something that Britain has to solve once it leaves the EU, because it does need to do these trade agreements, especially with the United States. S.
This is a real focus here, and that\'s a big part of why we see Donald Trump honored on this state visit, John.
VAUSE: But Dom, the interesting thing is, Dominic, the weekend in the United StatesS.
The ambassador\'s anger at the trade agreement and the NHS\'s use of the exact same language has caused the exact same. The new --
The White House knows this is a controversial issue.
They know how people react.
They said he saw it 48 hours ago, but the president stumbled upon it.
What did his briefing look like? THOMAS: Right.
It\'s terrible. And this is --
You know, you can\'t have two systems. -
That\'s more different.
The health care system in the United States is a major problem and root cause of social inequality.
Very expensive.
A great success story in the UK after World War II is to provide universal health care and free health care to the United States through the tax systemK. residents.
So, of course, the other aspect is the whole story of Britain\'s exit from the EU, and that\'s really what Donald Trump created here, you know, the issues that come with the interject, in this particular areaK.
Become a sovereign power that can negotiate these trade deals, not 51 states of the United States.
Of course, these questions will be--
Will be on the table.
It\'s just that Brexiters don\'t want it to be positive and central, and obviously it\'s going to be like us ---
When they run for the party\'s leadership
These issues will be there and will be discussed more now.
You know, we found this lame Theresa may very soon. duck leader.
She left on Friday.
Dominic, what is the purpose of this meeting?
Thomas: I mean, it was actually scheduled two years ago.
They were talking about it two years ago and Theresa May expected her to be no longer prime minister.
And all the points of meeting with the United StatesS.
The president believes that the early hope of Brexit negotiations is to be able to push and show Parliament that it is for the British people to show that the argument for Brexit is precisely to reach those agreements.
This will restore the economy of the United States. K.
For this sovereign status, the global power that can go out and trade with these countries ---
With these countries.
This is totally counter-productive here, as in fact Donald Trump\'s visit points out, many people say that Britain will be in a more vulnerable position when negotiating these trade agreements. It has so many aspects that they do not fully think that it is essentially an emotional issue. In this issue, real technical details and impact are blocked discussion about BrexitVAUSE: Yes.
We have seen how this politics works.
Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbin praised President Trump\'s initial comments on the NHS.
He said on Twitter that Theresa May was standing next to Donald Trump and that he said the NHS would be in the U. S. trade deal.
This is what the Conservative Party leader\'s contenders and Farage, Nigel Farage, are looking forward to with their no-deal disaster-free capitalist scheme.
They all need to understand that our NHS is not for sale.
So you know, for those of you who have been running for Conservative leadership, they have said something similar, but you know, it really seems like a gift for the United States. S.
President of Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn[01:14:55]
Blake: that\'s what you can see.
As I said, this does fuel the very strong concern that we already have, that is, what the status of the NHS will be in any future negotiations with the United States on a trade agreement.
But Jeremy Corbyn is one. -
Well, he made the visit in an unusual way.
In a sense, he tried--
He tried to keep a distance from Donald Trump.
He did this from the beginning, he has been away from the state banquet at Buckingham Palace, deliberately saying that it is a state visit for the president of the United States, and this red carpet treatment is not appropriate.
He\'s in a fight. Trump protest. And then we --
Just at yesterday\'s press conference, we learned from President Trump himself,
Corbin asked for a direct meeting --on-
A meeting with the president of the United States, the president refused. Mr.
Corbin later confirmed this.
But, interestingly, he did not announce the fact that his request for a meeting had been rejected in advance.
We learned from the president of the United States.
It is clear that these two figures are the very opposite of the political field.
They never got along.
But Jeremy Corbyn is trying to use this state visit for his own political purposes, and here, I think, John has a different degree of success.
Thank you, Phil.
Phil Black, live for us, in Portsmouth, start a long day for you and Dominic, in Los Angeles, and end a long day for you.
Thank you both.
Next, on CNN, resistance may not be (INAUDIBLE)
Republican lawmakers seem prepared to oppose Trump\'s plans to impose tariffs on all imports from Mexico.
The cruise to Cuba was also canceled.
The Trump administration opposes new restrictions on the United StatesS.
Travel to communist island, why now? (
Business break)
VAUSE: Well, Republicans in the United States look prepared to do what they have rarely done before, not only to openly oppose the United States. S.
The President, this time, plans to impose tariffs on goods imported from Mexico, but may also stop the plan.
Everything from cars to food will be affected.
Even White House aides say the plan could slow the U. S. economy. S. economy.
It\'s not clear if Republican lawmakers have enough votes to stop the presidential race,
Trump said they were stupid to do so.
The tariff, which will take effect on Monday, is trying to put pressure on Mexico to stop immigrants from entering the United States illegally. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: Mexico should not allow millions of people to try to get into our country, they can stop it soon, I think they will.
If they do not, we will impose tariffs on them. [01:20:11]
Every month, these tariffs go from 5%, 10%, 15%, 20 and 25%, and then what happens is that all the companies that leave our country for Mexico will come back to us, and that\'s fine. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VAUSE: Ryan Patel is now joining us as a senior fellow at Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate School. Fancy.
Well, Ryan, this seems to be a real moment for Republicans and Republicans, and one of the core elements of commitment and relief to free trade, the party\'s ideology.
Senate leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican.
Listen to this. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
: I don\'t have much support for my tariff meeting, which is for sure.
Will you try to block these tariffs?
MCCONNELL: Well, what I\'m telling you is that we hope this will not happen. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Well, hope is great, but the reality may be that they have to do something, because if Trump does it according to his plan, one of the few ways he will be blocked is by passing the veto in Congress to prove the majority.
Senate Republicans, according to many reports, seem to have grown a spine and may be ready to fight the president.
Ryan patel, CNN contributor: Well, also known as President Trump
He would really follow the plan if we didn\'t see it, saying he was bluffing.
I really don\'t know, I mean, at this point, the Republican Party, as you just heard, they hope he may not reach the point where they have to do something, their only hope is for Mexican officials here this week, which brings something positive.
This has forced Republicans and Democrats to move closer to the president in this case.
As I said, what\'s the difference with this trade tariff, which, you know, is no longer a tool but a weapon.
President Trump has used it as a weapon, where he can turn it on and off, and he is using it for immigration policy, which is really different from the United States. S. -
China\'s trade.
This has an impact on both of the departments you mentioned.
Agriculture and automation can destroy both places, not only at the top of the company, but also at the middle of the company.
Scale Company-
Ups (when you get to 25% (INAUDIBLE)
VAUSE: Well, you see, so, it\'s a problem at best legally.
Donald Trump was specifically asked about rebel buildings within the Republican Party.
This is his answer. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: Do you think Republicans will take action to stop you from imposing these duties?
Trump: Oh, I don\'t think they will, I think it would be stupid if they did.
Nothing is more important than borders. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Okay, you know, let\'s-
What\'s going on with the Republicans, you know, in a moment, if they really cut the spine off, they\'re done, I think the tariffs will take effect, and then what?
Because of this border, the trade on this border is so closely related, so (INAUDIBLE)
They always go back and forth before they reach the market.
Patel: That\'s right.
I think what is going to happen is that he is going to seek victory here, not only to complete the North American Free Trade Agreement deal, part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, but what he will focus on is, he will get something from Mexico.
This is his M. O.
, Even a little better from the transaction.
He will always use this tariff, not--
I mean, in fact, in his mind, in this case, you can argue that he feels influential and he stands up against his party.
Who will tell him not to do this except Congress?
If Congress doesn\'t do that, I see it\'s going to happen (INAUDIBLE)
Within a few months of this tariff section, until he gets--
Until he gets the wind he\'s looking
VAUSE: Well, at least in public, the leaders from Mexico, starting with the president, seem calm, they seem optimistic, at least, what they have been saying, they hope this flash point will be solved.
This is the president.
Listen to this. (
Start Video Editing)
Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez O (
By translation)
: I am optimistic that I think tomorrow\'s meeting is very important and an agreement will be reached by June 10 before such tariffs are imposed.
There are signs that the United StatesS.
Officials do care. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Behind the scenes, there are reports that Mexico has prepared two plans.
Plan A, reduce illegal immigration, Plan B, revenge.
What does Revenge look like, because it looks like this is where we\'re going?
Patel: It looks like there are a lot of different things.
I think this will be an evolution of China. U. S.
If it is a tariff, they will go to a specific US. S.
The company hit it hard.
They just can\'t talk about it back and forth because it\'s obvious that the U. S.
There are more things to play with here.
But you have to pay tribute to the presidents of Mexico and Mexico. When Donald --
When President Donald Trump immediately announced-
The Mexican president was very calm and he said that I would not be involved in this confrontation and that I would remain calm and negotiate on it.
I think this may be the secret to success in making these intersections disappear, but I think they have said everything they need to do.
And now the ball will go back to the stadium in Mexico to see what teeth they have. [01:25:10]
Because there are economic aspects, it is clear that they can impose new tariffs on their own, but they will lose, you know, their economies are much smaller and much weaker than the United States, but there seems to be (INAUDIBLE)
Security company.
I mean, you know, you have Mexican troops patrolling the border, and it\'s a legitimate concern that, despite what the president said, he complains about illegal immigrants entering the country from Mexico.
But there are already a lot of companies doing a lot in terms of drugs, illegal immigration and Mexican security forces.
They can stop immediately.
This could have a significant impact on the country.
Patel: Look, I think ---
In the past few days, I have seen the United States. S.
Let\'s say that there are actually more citizens and consumers-
I would say fear, but they will feel it faster than many of the other trade wars we \'ve seen in the last 18 months.
This is the terrible thing about the economy you mentioned.
You can feel the effect faster.
As you mentioned, if there is suddenly no security, you can feel the opening and closing of the border.
In the next three months to four months, you will see it immediately, not something that hates comparing it to the US. S. -
China, not the kind of thing that is closed, opened, and closed, in which case it will open ---
You can trust this if it will last until October.
Yeah, it\'s fun, Ryan.
Thank you. Nice to meet you.
Patel: That\'s the same.
VAUSE: So, in general, in a few days now, US companies that rely on Mexican imports will have a significant impact on their profits, at least to a certain extent, this could be passed on to American consumers.
Vanessa yulkevich is here. (Start Video)
Vanessa yuerkevich, CNN business and political correspondent: this month, Jaime Chamberlain is expected to ship a truck full of grapes from Mexico.
But he did not expect to pay the tariff.
Jaime Chamberlain, president of Chamberlain\'s distribution company: So, 5%, for the time being, is absolutely terrible, reaching 15%, 20%, and I can\'t even--
I can\'t even imagine.
Juerkevich: Chamberlain imported 100% of the fruit and vegetables from Mexico to his warehouse in Norfolk, Arizona.
If the president\'s tariffs take effect next week-
Chamberlain: We have red peppers from Sinaloa.
Juerkevich: Chamberlain, who voted for Trump, will pay more to bring his products to the border.
Chamberlain: It\'s not a good idea and I won\'t do it either.
But because of the Congress we have, the president chose to do so.
You know, I\'m not always on the side of the president.
Eureka: United StatesS.
Imports of $26 billion in agricultural products and manufacturing from Mexico each year dwarf that figure.
Richard Rubin, president of javid llc: We ship $0. 45 billion a year across borders.
In order for my customers to pay an extra $100 million, I am not sure if they will stay.
Juerkevich: Richard Rubin, who owns 26 factories in Mexico that import materials for American companies, says the factories provide millions of dollars for the United StatesS. jobs.
Mexico is our friend, right?
Mexico deserves respect and dignity.
It\'s not business, it\'s a country.
This problem should be solved by diplomatic means.
Broker of Guillermo Valencia (INAUDIBLE)
Trade agreements between the United States and the United StatesS.
And Mexican companies.
Giillermo Valencia, president of Valencia International: We fight and kick in the dark because we don\'t know what will happen.
We know that we must take this president seriously.
Some say he\'s just threatening.
But we can\'t think he\'s threatening us.
As a broker, Valencia ensures that tariffs are paid and his company imports and exports products to Mexico.
Valencia: this is an integral part of the major US economies. S.
Manufacturers of electric vehicles.
So one day it could be in someone\'s back seat?
Valencia: someone will be in the back seat.
So, you haven\'t bought this car yet, the cost of this car will increase.
Because of the tariff?
Valencia: because of the tariffs, right.
It could be as high as 25% or more, as this product goes back and forth several times, depending on the number of times, it could be 50, 70%, post-tariff duties. (END VIDEOTAPE)
We would like to thank Vanessa yuerkevich for his report.
The economy is stupid, and the words of political wisdom stand the test of time.
Until Donald Trump showed up and rewritten the script in a moment, details.
Moreover, in honor of those who gave their lives for freedom, we will speak to veterans who fought in the Battle of Normandy at the end of World War II. (
Business break)[013153]
Welcome back.
Thank you for staying with us.
I\'m John worth and we have an update on our headline this hour. The U. S.
The president promised a huge trade deal with the United States. K.
However, his suggestion was that the National Health Service Department would be on the table in these trade negotiations, but there was direct opposition.
He took back those comments a few hours later.
But Donald Trump says he will join world leaders
The commemoration took place in the next few hours. Some U. S.
Republican senators have warned President Trump against his plans to impose tariffs on Mexican imports.
Those after the president said it was foolish for his party to try to stop it.
Trump said the tariff will take effect on Monday in an attempt to push Mexico to stop immigrants from entering the United States illegally.
A week ago, we looked closely at one of the most enduring truths in policy, and why Donald Trump is not just dealing with a good opportunity to win a second term, but in the race in 2020, he is definitely the favorite to win the championship. (
Start Video Editing)
James Cavill, a Democratic strategist: It\'s really economic, stupid.
This is really the economy.
VAUSE: James Carville, a Democratic strategist, first created the word \"stupid economy\" in 1992.
The four words of political wisdom have stood the test of time because, according to a number of different polls, they use the comparative advantage or disadvantage of the United States. S.
The economy is the only data that produces a consistent fact. A first-
The president in good economic condition is re-elected. A first-
The weak economy is not president--period.
All the others, you know, the Russian investigation, all the congressional hearings, and everything that happened at the White House, will last two to three years ---
Is this just not working?
Don laskin, chief investment officer at Trend Macro: that\'s not the case.
We have gone back and tried to improve the predictive power of our model by including polling data and approval data.
It actually makes the result worse.
I think it\'s like you said in the introduction.
The economy is the final poll, you know.
It just reaches out and touches everyone. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VAUSE: just as we were ready to pack the election pictures, call Wolf Blitzer during the holidays and call Donald J. 202
Trump is here, and Ron Brownstein, our own professor, says, \"Don\'t be so quick, stupid \".
Actually, I made it up.
Ron joins us now from Los Angeles.
Ron, you find that there must have been such a close connection between a strong economy and the current president winning a second term in the past.
But in the last few elections of 2016 and 2018, it has also begun to decline ---
The health of the economy is not important for voters who go to other issues, such as racism and gender discrimination.
Ron Brownstein, senior political analyst at CNN: Look, I\'m sure we\'re heading to the political union in the United States. S.
In fact, most of the Western world is based more on culture than class, and more on values than on interests.
In this world, the economic performance at any given moment may be less likely to predict the differences of voters than they feel about the candidates they vote for, especially the current president, reflecting their values, reflects their vision for the future of the country.
You see, I mean, you know, historically, these models work really well.
But I think there is a lot of evidence that the views on the economy are disjointed and separate from the views of the current president. [01:35:04]
VAUSE: We see this now in the US.
We have seen this happen in the past few years.
You know, there has been a gap between President Trump\'s support ratings and economic satisfaction.
I mean the recent launch of this kunnipiac poll is very typical of many people.
71% of voters think the economy is good, the highest figure in 18 years.
Trump\'s approval rating, however, is 38%.
Brownstein: Yes.
I think this is a key disagreement. -John.
I mean, one of the reasons why these models have worked well in history is that I think the presidential approval is a key variable in the first term of the presidency ---
Traditionally, the president\'s approval has been tracking the economy.
When the economic situation is good, the president\'s support rate will rise.
As you noted in the kunnipiac poll, there is a huge gap between the proportion of people who say the economy is good and the proportion of people who say they are in favor of Trump\'s performance.
This gap is particularly large among some of the groups that do the best in the economy.
If you look at college-educated white voters, they may be at the top of the economic pyramid ---
You know, you know, unemployment is almost non-existent.
Many people hold shares, thus benefiting from the rising stock market.
Three of them said the economy was either good or good.
In this poll, however, only 36% of people support Donald Trump, which is actually what we see in practical practice in 2018.
Of the 43 Republicans, 2018
Democrats have won seats in the house, and the median income of 35 people is higher than Trump\'s economic average in 2018.
I have no reason to think that this will not happen again in 2020.
By the way, the reverse is true.
Many blue-collar workers are still struggling, and they are more attracted to Donald Trump for cultural reasons.
I am not sure that their economic performance will exceed that in one way or another.
VAUSE: So, how did the two major political parties in the United States form?
Okay, look, we live in a class. -
I call it class reversal.
If you go back to the first decades-
In the decades before and after World War II, Democrats were the party of the working people, Republicans were the party of people sitting in the corner office, and tie to work in college
Educated voters are usually Republicans.
Blue collar voters are Democrats.
This began to change in their 70 s and 80 s and is now completely upside down.
Hillary Clinton is 17 points higher in college-educated white voters than white voters without college education, the biggest gap we \'ve seen.
So when you look forward to 2020, I mean you look at people who don\'t like Donald Trump ---
Young people don\'t like Donald Trump, minorities don\'t like Donald Trump, white voters with college education, many of them do well in the economy, especially women, don\'t like Donald Trump
They didn\'t like him because they didn\'t like his values, not necessarily because they were hurt in the ballot box.
As I said, I think you will see this very clearly in 2020.
Donald Trump has more fears about people who are doing well in the economy, especially in whites and those who struggle in the economy.
But I think you\'re going to see a very clear split, on a class basis, and also on a geographic basis, where the Democrats dominate the major metropolises that really define the new economy, republicans rely on more
It is largely excluded from subway sites outside of economic transformation.
It is the same as Brexit, and it is the same in many parts of the world.
So if old-
You know, the old truth, the old James Cavill\'s suggestion that \"this is economic, stupid\" is no longer true, what is the new rule?
I think it\'s values, stupid.
I mean, you know. -
I think it is clear that any president would rather run on a good economy than on a bad one.
There is some evidence that a bad economy hurts the president more than a good economy helps the president.
But the fact is, if you look at the analysis and academic analysis that we did in 2016, they show that economic discontent is a more reliable predictor of big cultural change from Obama\'s 2012 to 2016 than the Trump card in attitude;
The increasing diversity and the changing role of women.
I think that is basically the mobilization that we will see.
A Republican coalition based on voters who are least satisfied with the country\'s changes.
A Democratic coalition around voters who are satisfied with these changes.
On the edge of the competition, some white-collar and blue-collar workers may be the most relaxed, a very congested election environment.
Perhaps the economy is a key factor for these women, but men do well and they will be pulled between economic satisfaction and discontent with Trump\'s actions and values.
You know, Donald Trump goes against political norms.
He blew up the rules and regulations to win the presidential election.
So all of this is in line with the trend we have seen for a while now.
Yes. Absolutely. VAUSE: Ron --
Nice to meet you. Thank you.
Thank you. -Brownstein. -John. [01:39:59]
VAUSE: Delta has adjusted its flight plans to Cuba, while United and Southwest said they are still reviewing the new travel guide the Trump administration has just announced.
CNN\'s Patrick Oppmann explains why Washington has imposed these new travel restrictions. (Start Video)
Patrick oppmann, CNN: If you\'re AmericanS.
Citizen, you wish to go to Cuba and have not planned your trip yet, you may have waited too long.
On Tuesday, the Trump administration withdrew most of the opening of the Obama era with a member of the Communist Party --run island.
It will be more difficult for the United StatesS.
Citizens traveling to Cuba.
Now, the Trump administration says basically what they do is it is illegal to go to Cuba as a tourist.
Although tourism is restricted and it is limited to Cuba, they call it \"hidden tourism \".
There\'s a category now. -
People are no longer allowed to travel.
These are organized tour groups.
Besides, how did people come to Cuba in the United States? S.
Cruise ships are no longer prohibited.
It is unclear whether cruise ships will be banned.
But it is much more difficult for Americans to go to the island.
It\'s actually rolling back the changes made under President Obama.
The Trump administration said it did so because of Cuba\'s aid to Venezuela, Cuba\'s support for the Maduro regime, and Cuba\'s \"communist foothold in the region \".
This will obviously have an impact on the Cuban government.
The hotel was packed with Americans.
Americans are the second largest traveler after Canadians.
This will hurt the Cuban government.
It will hurt you too. S. cruises, U. S.
Because you have fewer people from the United States. S.
There are also Cuban entrepreneurs who have opened restaurants, AirBNB and apartments for rent to meet the growing needs of all these Americans.
There will be more and fewer Americans coming because even some categories of travelers are still allowed.
If it weren\'t for most Americans to come to the island, how many would it really be and will now be banned.
President Trump said he has taken very different tactics against Cuba, more sanctions, and the already suffering Cuban economy may suffer more.
CNN-Patrick Oppman-Mexico City. (END VIDEOTAPE)
The biggest ocean 75 years ago-
The invasion of history is waiting to begin.
The world is about to change.
As we know today, this is the beginning of World War II and the end of Europe. It was D-Day.
160,000 Allied soldiers from the United StatesS.
Canada and Britain will land in Normandy, France.
Everything depends on their success.
No plan B.
On the eve of the upcoming 75 th anniversary, Britain will mark their incredible sacrifice. The U. S.
The president will have special services in Portsmouth with Queen Elizabeth and the British prime minister.
Before June 6, 16 countries signed an announcement saying they had a responsibility to ensure that the horrors of World War II were no longer repeated.
From day one, the Allies suffered 10,000 casualties.
A veteran told us that this is only a high price for freedom. The D-
Now a day vet in his 90 s is returning to Europe and heading for terror. -
Pay tribute to those who made the final sacrifice
As Jim bitelman reports, he is now following in their footsteps and they are back at the bottom beach, which landed 75 years ago. (Start Video)
Jim Bitman, cnn senior international correspondent: When Vern Ollar first sailed along the coast of Normandy, it wasn\'t entirely on a luxury cruise ship.
75 years ago, he took a military landing boat to Omaha Beach on the French coast.
He barely got there, his boat was hit, he was almost drowned by heavy mortar equipment, but Ollar survived.
Vern ollar at chemical mortar camp 81: We lost a lot of people and I always had a bit of a lump in my throat because all of these people ---
We have nearly 2,000 days.
A day in Omaha. -18, 19, 21-year-old guys. It makes me --
I live in choked.
BITTERMANN: Ollar, 98, came back with 17 other vets for a tour organized by the National World War II Museum of New Orleans.
Now at least 90-year-old Allied veterans attend D-in Normandy-
One day, some people are calling for the last salute.
I don\'t know how many years old soldiers will share their memories.
Paul hilard, president of the National Museum of World War II: I remember me all the time.
A high price has been paid for freedom.
So, take it seriously, so--
I think that\'s the value of freedom that we\'re trying to put forward.
BITTERMANN: most of this year\'s commemoration is not just for those who are on Omaha Beach, but for those who do not belong to those who never know or forget how much modern Europe and the world today are based on what happened here 75 years ago. [01:45:00[
The general and the colonel were no longer there, and they made orders to understand the bigger picture, and this pair of D-
Landing on a day to build a toe on a continent that has lost its freedom.
Those who came back there for the anniversary, ranked very low in the ranks.
As paratrooper whwhwhidden said, he was just doing his job.
Guy whidden, airborne division 101ST: I always thought God was with me.
I don\'t remember any fears at all, some of them don\'t know what\'s going on.
Help the vet and others understand this--
The importance of their part-
There are lectures and seminars on their cruise ship, let D-Day in context.
There is also music nostalgia that makes people recall one or two happy memories when they are young again.
But most people think this anniversary is serious, and many people like Ollar say it has changed their lives and changed the world forever.
Jim Bitman from CNN-
The Normandy coast of France. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Well, he was Cardinal, a former assistant to the Pope, and a convicted child molester.
It is now possible for George Pell to walk freely.
The latest news of his appeal in Australia.
In addition, the death toll continued to rise following attacks on Sudanese protesters.
Military claims after the bloodshed. (
Business break)
Well, some families in Sudan mourn the dead during Eid al-Fitr.
Doctors say security forces attacked protesters in Khartoum on Monday, killing at least 60 people.
Witnesses said the demonstrators used live ammunition while demanding civilian rule.
All of this is the last sign that the military will not give up power after dictator Omar al-Bashir steps down.
But the head of the country\'s military says he wants elections.
He appeared on television on Tuesday, calling for a vote within nine months.
It is reported that the opposition remains skeptical and calls for more protests.
Hew was promoted to the highest level of the Catholic Church, but Australian Cardinal George Pell once again appealed in court against his conviction on allegations of child sexual abuse.
Former Vatican treasures and aides to Pope Francis have been sentenced to six years in prison.
He was found guilty of molesting the boy of the choir.
However, lawyers are now in court at the Victoria Supreme Court, saying he has not been tried fairly.
If the conviction is overturned, Pell is likely to walk freely. [01:50:03]
More Anna Coren from CNN, from Melbourne.
What is the schedule here?
When are we looking forward to the decision of this tribunal, and then?
Anna Cullen, cnn correspondent: John-
This is a very good question.
We can make a decision tomorrow.
We can make a decision in a few weeks.
We just don\'t know.
What we know is that the legal debate continues within the Supreme Court of Appeal in Victoria, Melbourne.
The team at Pell angrily argued that the sentences were unreasonable.
This is at the heart of their legal arguments and why they believe that George Pell should be acquitted.
In their view, the testimony and evidence provided by the only surviving choir boy could not convince the jury that George Pell had, without doubt, sexually abused the two choir boys in 1996 and 1997, and that he was the Archbishop of Melbourne.
Pell\'s defense lawyer, Brett Walker, said it was impossible for Pell to commit these crimes.
He said the quote \"Not only did the crime not happen, but it was impossible.
In his view, there were at least 13 obstacles to conviction.
Now, he has convinced two of the three judges in the court of appeal, and you know, they have reviewed the evidence on the forensic side.
There are two other reasons, one is not allowed to use this video graphics in closing the debate.
The other is that Pell is not allowed. -
No complaint was filed with the jury.
Now, if an unreasonable verdict leads to the acquittal, these will lead to a retrial.
Now, George Pell, he\'s in court, he\'s taking notes, he\'s listening attentively, he\'s wearing a black suit.
He wore a collar.
Soon, the court will adjourn and he will be sent back to the detention center in Melbourne. -
I should say it was the center\'s Assessment Prison, where he has been for the past three months and is held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, so there is no doubt that he is looking forward to coming here for an outing.
But the legal opinion, John, is very different.
Obviously, it is not possible to believe that Pell is innocent because it is a misjudgment.
Then hear a very powerful example.
And can walk freely.
There is also a candidate who said that the Court of Appeal was unwilling to overturn the jury\'s decision, and you must remember that it is still 12 Australians who have heard the evidence and testimony of their only surviving choir boys, instead of the media and the public, because in Victoria, the identity of the victim of sexual abuse is protected, he is therefore anonymous.
Finally, we know that the jury found John to be credible and trustworthy, and that\'s why they thought George Pell had committed those five crimes.
As I said, his legal team is presenting their case.
It will be the prosecution\'s turn tomorrow, and then it will be decided by the three judges of the Court of Appeal ---John. VAUSE: Anna --thank you.
We appreciate the update.
Anna Curren lives in Melbourne for us.
A short break, when we came back, the cat to the Beast, Larry to Donald.
Details for a moment. (
Business break)[01:55:08]
Larry, the cat in Downing Street, is now a bigger star because of
Timed Photo Bomb
Here\'s Jenny Moos. (Start Video)
Jenny Moos, cnn correspondent: Meet the cat crawling under the belly of the beast. This Beast --
That\'s what they call President Trump\'s armored limousine.
When I parked in front of 10 Downing Street, the cat Larry at Window 10 was freshening up.
When President Trump\'s son, Larry doesn\'t care at all --in-
When the president and the British Prime Minister posed, Larry photo bombed the photo op.
After all, this is his territory.
He has been here since 2011, when a mouse was found in a hurry at home during a live BBC shoot.
Larry was recruited to control mice.
10 Downing Street seems to be an animal magnet.
Look at the Fox running.
Larry has become the media favorite.
Anna Stewart of CNN used cat trees to seduce her mike.
Anna Stewart, cnn correspondent: Are you satisfied with this result (INAUDIBLE)?
The cat got his tongue.
A mere pleading glance at the officer on duty is enough to open the door.
Larry\'s main competitor-
He has spoken to a foreign ministry cat, but only Larry made a promise in his resignation speech.
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron: rumors that I don\'t love Larry-I do.
I have photographic evidence to prove this.
Sadly, I can\'t take Larry with me.
He belongs to the House and the staff loves him as much as I do.
MOOS: After being photographed parked in President Trump\'s limo, the cat Larry has his own Twitter account.
That account said on Twitter, what do you want me to do: sit outside and get wet?
This photo is a cat puff for Twitter users to compete for the perfect cat title. From (INAUDIBLE)
Grab it on the tire of his 10 hat. -
With this photo, Larry jumped to the same temperature as the cat.
CNN-Jenny Moos-New York. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Happy cat.
You\'re watching CNN.
I\'m John Vause.
Please stay with us.
After a short break, the Rosemary Church will be established.
You\'re watching CNN. [01:57:26](
Business break)
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