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Circular powerful magnets is expensive 'orders' dream broken? Let you free!

by:Newland     2020-05-01
There's a phrase in the off-road world famous, 'only 57 true land tour', namely the 5700 version of cool LuZe performance is strong, can be on behalf of the 'tour' lu models. In magnet industry also has the outstanding player, that is a powerful magnet. Powerful magnet magnetic strength, high coercive force, high temperature corrosion resistance to salt fog after plating, but the circular powerful magnets must be expensive? Not necessarily. By the below small make up for you carefully. Magnet required by different industries have different grades, but round a powerful magnet for routine style is the most frequently used in various industries, namely brand, many customers need magnet shape specification is the same. So small make up to tell you something about in circular powerful magnets, what kind of grades match industry needed a magnet. In general, N series brand of magnet adapter handbags and other leather goods; N and M series brand also can produce with audio, magnetic separator and other home appliance or electronics; H, SH series brand general adaptation motor industry. SH series brand can also be used in wind turbines, industrial motor; UH series brand can be applied to automobile electrical and air-conditioning compressor; Magnetic strongest EH series brand magnets used in electromagnetic valves and sensors and so on. If the customer you need to buy is about 30 EH EH series of electromagnetic valve or circular powerful magnet sensor, then the purchase price will be higher than N series of N35 handbag a lot, in general the higher grades, the higher the price. But the circular powerful magnet prices do not let your order 'dream' the point of breaking. If you want to learn more about circular powerful magnet price, welcomed the consultation.
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