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Choose green efficient air conditioning refrigeration ndfeb or ferrite?

by:Newland     2020-03-27
Seven ministries jointly issued by the June 13, according to the national action plan for green efficient refrigeration's main goal, the energy efficiency of refrigeration products to achieve a boost on the two nodes: by 2022, household air-conditioning, many online refrigeration products such as the level of energy efficiency more than 30%, green efficient refrigeration products market share increased by 20%; By 2030, refrigeration and the overall level of energy efficiency more than 25%, green efficient refrigeration products market share increased by more than 40%. The field of household appliances, the usage of rare earth permanent magnet? As is known to all, rare earth permanent magnet is used in the field of home appliance of frequency conversion, such as frequency conversion compressor and scroll compressor rotor, and it is understood that frequency conversion compressor, the summary of permeability is only about 46%, most of the rest, About 54%) Use the remains of ferrite. Ndfeb mainstream brands is mainly used in the compressor 48 sh and above products, such as 48 sh, 38 uh, 38 eh, etc; This several brand price is in 320 - at present Between 390 yuan/kg, it is assumed that each compressor using 0. 12 kg of ndfeb, the market price in 38 - 47 yuan between. For ferrite, the price is only 6 - 8 yuan/kg, its dosage is several times the dosage of ndfeb, price up to 10 yuan, far cheaper than ndfeb, but using ferrite can cause compressor volume increases, the corresponding increase in the other raw materials such as steel, and the dosage of the copper, refrigerant, etc, will also lead to the cost of raw materials of ascension. Most importantly, permanent magnet ferrite biggest intrinsic coercive force is 5. About 2 koe, the maximum magnetic energy product no more than 5. 2 koe, while the lowest frequency conversion compressor brand of ndfeb intrinsic coercive force and magnetic energy product over 19 koe and 36 koe respectively, the performance of the ferrite 12 current energy efficiency standards cannot be achieved. Online, according to the industry's upcoming new energy efficiency standards, will be the old one to three levels of product change for 1 to 5 levels of product, new energy efficiency standards in grade 1 ~ 3 were mostly for frequency conversion products, air-conditioning energy efficiency requirements to further improve, is likely to lead to more mismatch ferrite performance, so the summary will become mainstream in the field of frequency conversion air conditioning. Have learned, at present some frequency conversion compressor is given priority to with permanent magnet ferrite, profits are relatively high, but the pure ferrite corresponding performance cannot be achieved, so the added rare earths needed for the ferrite to realize frequency conversion compressor performance, but the drawback is that performance of the product is a bit poor and large, although the cost is low, but in quality competition today, the stability of the products and after-sales service is the most value of consumers, and not just the price, so the release of a new energy efficiency standards to benefits to the raise of ndfeb penetration ratio in frequency conversion compressor. But how to improve, what effect will continue to focus on. Online articles source industry, xiaofu finishing editing by Ricky magnet card manufacturer, our main abnormity ndfeb, permanent magnetic ferrite magnetic tile, rare earth ndfeb magnetic tile, multi-polar magnetic ring. Related to air conditioning magnet; Frequency conversion air conditioning in the permanent magnet material and function are introduced
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