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Chinese master, 90% of the world rare earth market valuation of $4 billion! _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
For the importance of rare earths, there is a common metaphor is: oil is industrial blood, vitamin of rare earth industry. Visible rare earth holds an important position in the industrial field, such as rare earth metals is to improve chip, integrated circuit, aircraft engines, the key to the development of new materials, new energy and other fields. It is worth mentioning, the first big country, China is the world's rare earth reserves assumes the role of main rare earth supplier in the world at the same time, rare earth resource is a trump card in China, so to speak. However, concerns with the outside world, in contrast, China is willing to provide the corresponding rare earth resources, development of world economy and also make the action. By contrast, in order to ensure the supply, united for Australia, Canada, UK 3 has made the new measures. Control 90% of the world market, China's rare earth production quotas in 13. 20000 tons of record! Though, the global rare earth reserves are not as rare as gold and silver, but because of the rare earth separation is extremely high, difficult to pass through a large number of processing to become the production of materials manufacturers need, thus has produced valuable rare earths. China has been active since the early 21st century development of rare earth industry, at present China has mastered the separation and purification of the key technology, for example, mountain pass, California in the United States production of rare earth metals will be sent to China for processing. This is also the tesla, carmakers such as ford is interested in this electric car production line directly in China, one of the reasons for electric car engine used by the high performance magnet without rare earths. And as early as 2012, China with 36% of the world's rare earth reserves and accounted for as much as 80% of global rare earth production, successfully got the absolute say of rare earth market and pricing power. According to Russian media reports, at present China holds more than 90% of global rare earth market, the valuation of about $4 billion. Previously there has been concern about China's rare earth as a trump card to appear, to his surprise, China did not reduce the production of rare earth metal, rare earth mining also increased by 10% this year. Also, on the other hand, Mining, smelting, according to data of 2019 year China rare earth separation index of total amount control of 13 respectively. 20000 tons and 12. 70000 tons of above 2018 tonnes in 120000 and 11 respectively. Is 50000 tons, & other; The highest ever quota levels throughout the &; 。 A view says, this is the Chinese use practical action to show China's power, shows that China is willing to meet the reasonable demands of rare earth products in different countries of the world, providing rare earth products to any countries. In addition, the move of China, will also help to strengthen its position in the global supply chain. China's rare earths imports jumped 167% mean? The three United Nations collective action! In China to improve mining quotas, 25, according to media messages, the only a rare earth mine operators in the United States MP Materials plan this year will be doubled in rare earth production, to achieve the purpose of the 30000 tons, equivalent to 15% of the world's rare earth production. However, the us is still need rare earth raw materials to the Chinese market for processing repurchase, because China's rare earth separation processing technology lead the world. We can see a set of data: in 2018, China's imports of rare earth oxides and oxides equivalent of 41400 tons, more than 2017 rose 167%, compared with 2015 years ago has increased by 10 times, thus for the first time as the world's biggest importer of rare earths. That means what? It is obvious that countries around the world due to the limited technical problems, are rare earth materials that will be delivered to the Chinese processing, China put rare earth products export; This also means that China is now & other; The technology in hand, throughout the world I have &; Has abandoned the early completely since the mining production of rare earth industry business model. It is understood that the United States also thought I finished rare earth processing, but after the expert analysis, the United States of rare earth industry needs at least 15 years to build. Although gave up the development of domestic rare earth industry in the United States, but still looking for the opportunity to get rid of foreign rare-earth dependency. A few days ago, the United States has decided to pull together for Australia, Canada and Britain three countries with rare earth industry. It is understood that Australia will offer a $4. 5 million fund to help the development of the total value of the a $5. 7 billion of 15 rare earth projects; Canada wants to supply the United States of rare earth minerals; Which in Africa and Britain to rare earth mine production 20 times to meet the demand, but even so, the United States of rare earth industry is still difficult to keep up with the level of China. Noted that gold ten data from 2011 to 2018, the Chinese about the application of rare earth related patent more than companies more than 2. 30000. As a result, the United States to catch up on rare earths, in addition to resource supply problems to solve, technology gap also need quite a long time to solve it.
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