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china to test new fuel efficient bullet train

by:Newland     2019-09-19
China will soon run a trial run on its new high
High speed bullet train using cutting
Simplify configuration and edge traction systems for low fuel use.
Permanent magnet synchronous traction system is developed by China CSR Co. , Ltd. , one of China\'s two major locomotive manufacturers, at Zhuzhou Research Institute in Hunan province. run reported.
The system has passed the preliminary examination of the National Railway Inspection Department and has been installed in a new moving car produced by China South Railway Qingdao Sifang Co. , Ltd. in Shandong province.
Jia Limin of Beijing Jiaotong University said: \"If everything goes well, we will start the trial run in a short period of time and then improve the equipment according to the test . \"
High-speed rail innovation program.
\"I think the new train will be fully operational by 2018,\" he said . \"
\"Compared with the AC asynchronous motor commonly used in the motor vehicle traction system, the permanent magnet synchronous traction power is large, the configuration is simple, and the fuel consumption is low, Jia said.
The experts added that the new system has fewer components than the current traction device and is therefore more reliable and efficient.
Other advantages include taking up a smaller space on the train and making less noise during operation.
Xu Junfeng, who is responsible for the development of the traction system, said, \"At present, 6 of the 8 cars of the bullet train need engines.
\"The use of the new traction system will allow only four cars to install the engine, which will greatly reduce costs and maintenance procedures,\" Xu said.
\"In the past decade, China has developed a large part of its expensive high-speed rail network, connecting most of the country to bullet train networks.
It is now competing with Japan and Germany around the world, including India, to win bids to build high-speed trains.
During President Xi Jinping\'s visit to India in September, China was offered a corridor for feasibility studies.
The corridor is being identified by the Indian Railway.
Japan is conducting a feasibility study on building bullet trains for Mumbai
Early this month the ahmeidabad corridor
The Led consortium has won $3.
$7 billion to build Mexico\'s first high-
High-speed rail project.
The project includes the construction of a bullet train line that connects Mexico City to the northern industrial center, Queretaro, by 2017.
After the high-speed rail service is completed, the travel time will be shortened from about two and a half hours to less than one hour, and the train will travel at a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour.
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