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China's rare earth resources characteristics on _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
China's rare earth metal resources from the point of development and utilization, has the following characteristics: rare earth resources in China, with large reserves, mineral variety, rare earth distribution is good wait for a characteristic. Baiyun obo ore is the world's largest rare earth mine, for fluorocarbon cerium and monazite mixed rare earth mine. Jiangxi, guangdong, southern seven provinces in the ion adsorption type heavy rare earth ore is our country unique rare and precious minerals. Sichuan and shandong province has a high quality of simple fluorocarbon cerium lanthanum rare earth mine. Guangdong, guangxi and Taiwan province is rich in living alone yttrium quarries and phosphorus ore.   Rare earth metal resources in China from the point of development and utilization, has the following characteristics: & ensp; 1. Reserves distribution of highly concentrated, Mainly light rare earth) 。 Although China's rare earth minerals in north China, northeast, east, south, southwest, northwest and so on six big district are distributed, but mainly concentrated in the northern baiyun obo iron - in Inner Mongolia Niobium and rare earth mining area, the rare earth reserves account for 95% of the total reserves of rare earths in the nation, is a major production base of light rare earth in China.   2. Light and heavy rare earth reserves on geographical distribution present & other Exceeds south heavy & throughout; Characteristics, namely the light rare earth are mainly distributed in the northern region, heavy rare earth is mainly distributed in the south, especially in the nanling region distribution considerable ion adsorption type rare earths, heavy rare earth mine, easy mining, easy to extract, has become an important production base of medium and heavy rare earth in China. In addition, in the south and weathering crust type and coastal sedimentary sand ore, from yttrium rich in phosphorus ore ( Heavy rare earth mineral raw materials) ; In some of jiangxi tungsten deposit of arteries and veins ( Such as west huashan, swinging ping, etc. ) Associated phosphorus ore yttrium yttrium yttrium, silicon, beryllium ore, fluorite, calcium fluorine carbon yttrium yttrium ore, brown heavy rare earth minerals such as niobium, can be integrated in the process of tungsten mineral smelting and recycling, the comprehensive utilization.   3. Common associated rare earth ore deposit, the comprehensive utilization value. In hundreds of mines have been found, more than two-thirds of total associated minerals, has a comprehensive utilization value. But most of the complex deposit material composition, ore fine disseminated extent, more difficult to choose the ore, such as baiyun obo ore deposit, there are more than 70 kinds of elements in more than 170 kinds of minerals, including rare earths, niobium, tantalum huge reserves, as the world's rare large rare earth, rare metal deposits. Born in the iron ore of the communist party of monazite, bastnaesite, fluorocarbon cerium barium ore, ore of the Yellow River, such as rare earth minerals, ore structure complex, subtle disseminated extent. But after continuous mineral smelting and experimental research, concentrate grade and the recovery rate of extraction to extract and has greatly improved, as the main raw material base light rare earth in our country.   4. China's rare earth mineral resources reserves, variety complete, more for the development of rare earth metals industry provides superior resources conditions. Has been proven rare earth reserves of 100 million tons, and there are large resource potential. Varieties complete, 17 kinds of rare earth elements in addition to promethium has not yet found natural mineral, the rest of the 16 kinds of rare earth elements have been found minerals, ore. In exploration and development of ore deposit, by mineral smelting and processing ore mineral from 16 kinds of rare earth metals, has produced hundreds of varieties and thousands of incredible accomplishments of the rare earth products, not only meet the domestic demand, and has a large number of exports, becoming one of the main minerals and processing export products in China.
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