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China's rare earth one-day surge 135% a high of nearly four years

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Recently, the China circulated on the Internet such a statement, if want to beat the United States, China's hand holding the 'three card' so far, they respectively are: rare earths, U. S. Treasury bonds, and the Chinese market. Rare earth as an important strategic resource, is indispensable to many high-tech products 'touchstone', if there is no rare earth inflows, even if has tremendous technological advantages, the United States could not have made them proud or F - chip 22 planes. The past two decades, China accounted for 90% of the world's rare earth production, on the face of it is in the seller of absolute advantage, but due to the internal production of vicious competition, far more than the market demand, leading to the dominance of rare earth price is controlled by foreign futures exchange. For a long time, people feel deeply grieved, environment has been destroyed, important resources dries up, and finally only earn 'bargain'. But, fortunately it under the background in today's world, great changes happening. On May 20th, China's top leaders on a visit to jiangxi province and research the local situation of rare earth industry development. Formula, according to people familiar with the leaders to a region, the first to visit places tend to be have important guidance, as the first stop of jiangxi - — Jiang Xijin force of permanent magnet technology co. , LTD. ( Jin li permanent magnet) Undoubtedly, brought positive signal to the market. On May 21, the Hong Kong China's rare earths, HK0769) A strong rise in unilateral, daily highest surge by about 135%, as 0. Hk $87, turnover volume gives off a rare day. And rare earth permanent magnet in the a-share market opened plate fell, then the intraday swings up, affected by the Hong Kong Chinese rare earths, dish in violent pull up in the afternoon, and eventually in 7% will remain sideways. According to the Ming pao news, other metals and minerals also smoke rises significantly, xing yu holding up 25%; Jinchuan new international and xinjiang xin mining up more than 8%; Thin magnesium technology and luoyang molybdenum up more than half. On May 20, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press conference, lu kang said: 'China's leaders in the domestic inspection and investigation related industrial policy is normal, please don't do too many associations'. But from the perspective of the capital market, China in the short term 'usual' or 'embargo', should be of proper psychological preparation, the other from a long-term point of view, China's future for rare earth attaches great importance to deepen, will not let this 'strategic resources' wasted. A lot of people haven't realized that at the moment we are witnessing a new era! The recent rare earth related articles; In April 2019, China's exports: amount of sale
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