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china june rare earth magnet exports to u.s. fall 3.9% from may

by:Newland     2019-09-17
China\'s exports of rare earth magnets to the United States fell by 3.
9% customs data released on Saturday showed that in June, compared with last month, the Chinese government is still worried that Beijing will limit the supply of rare earth products as part of a trade war with Washington.
The latest data is in the United States. S.
President Donald Trump told the Pentagon on Monday to find a better way to purchase sm
Cobalt rare earth permanent magnets for special motors warn that the country\'s defense will be affected if there is not enough inventory.
China is the world\'s leading producer of rare earth magnets, which are widely used in medical devices, consumer electronics and defense, although Trump signed a policy bill in August 2018, it is forbidden to buy these weapons from China for military use in fiscal 2019.
Last month, China exported 414,100 kg kilograms of permanent rare earth magnets (or rare earth materials that will be converted into permanent magnets) to the United States, about 414 tons, according to the General Administration of Customs.
That\'s number 3.
From 9% tons to 431 tons, the highest monthly total since at least 2016 tons, an increase of 1. 45% year-on-year.
Consulting firm Roskill\'s battery and electric vehicle materials manager David Meriman said before the customs number was announcedS.
Compared with imports from electronics, cars and other applications, the number of permanent magnets purchased by the Ministry of Defense for rare earths is \"relatively small \".
In sm-
Cobalt magnets, \"the interesting trend is (U. S. )
Imports from the Philippines and Malaysia indicate more imports from Japan
He added that he noted that new manufacturers in Japan
Etsu has sm-
Cobalt production facilities in these two Southeast Asian countries. (
Reports from Tom Daly and Shivani Singh;
Editor Mark Porter)
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