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china, germany to unveil world\'s fastest train

by:Newland     2019-09-13
Beijing: The Chinese city of Shanghai will run the world\'s first commercial maglev train for the first time, with an hourly speed of about 400 km kilometers, state media reported on Friday.
German futuristic-
The Made \'magle\' train has started at 30-
Shi Qiong, a spokesman for Shanghai Maglev Transportation Company, said the kilometer track in Shanghai.
The train\'s first run is much faster than any traditional passenger train, because it floats in the air and stays a few inches above the rail through powerful magnets, Shi said, it is expected to be held around New Year\'s Day.
The $1 billion train connects three. year-
Shanghai Old Pudong International Airport and the financial district of Shanghai Pudong New Area.
Compared to 30 minutes by taxi, it can cover the distance to the airport in 7 minutes.
Although officials declined to give details of the trial run, the media reported that the speed of the train had reached 250 miles per hour. 400 kph)
During the trial run last week, the design speed was close to 260 miles per hour.
By contrast, high-speed trains such as France\'s TGV, Germany\'s Ice and Japan\'s Shinkansen are about 160 miles per hour (257 kph).
The technology was commissioned by three trains purchased from Germany.
Critics say that the maglev project will never pay for itself, in part because customers will be discouraged from the projects it reports --
50 yuan for one-way fare ($6. 25).
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