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Children's toys magnets on how to choose?

by:Newland     2020-03-19
Toy magnets, a kind of application on children's toys of a magnet, is now increasingly popular with the public, so what's the material type magnet on the toy? How to choose the magnet toy manufacturers? Magnet manufacturer card today Ricky xiaofu share with you. A, what are the toys on the magnet material type? Commonly used are the rare earth ndfeb strong magnet ferrite magnets with ceramics. Second, the toy magnets how to choose? Below used for radial magnetic ndfeb strong magnet magnetic choice: general of ndfeb and ferrite magnetic difference is big, can make it a few times, dozens of times and even hundreds. Made of ferrite magnets that can suck up a few COINS already wow can delight of the children, and audi double drill all-wheel-drive vehicles while using ndfeb is high strength. Ndfeb magnetic far stronger ferrite, according to the product for magnetic force of the magnet size to choose. Safe option: the greater the magnetic force of the magnet, the harm of children will lead to greater, so the size of the magnet need not too big. That is a bit introduction about toy magnets, need wholesale toy magnets customers welcome inquiry for sample. The following article recommended reading; What are you need to know the use of magnet?
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