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Children's toys magnet how to choose? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Toy magnets, a kind of application on children's toys of a magnet, is now increasingly popular with the public, so what's the material type magnet on the toy? How to choose the magnet toy manufacturers? Today small braid you know about the magnet manufacturer. A, what are the toys on the magnet material type? Commonly used are the rare earth ndfeb strong magnet ferrite magnets with ceramics. Second, the toy magnets how to choose? Below used for radial magnetic ndfeb strong magnet magnetic choice: general of ndfeb and ferrite magnetic difference is big, can make it a few times, dozens of times and even hundreds. Made of ferrite magnets that can suck up a few COINS already wow can delight of the children, and audi double drill all-wheel-drive vehicles while using ndfeb is high strength. Ndfeb magnetic far stronger ferrite, according to the product for magnetic force of the magnet size to choose. Options: for a long time have stability of rare earth elements as material of ndfeb has high stability, on the corrosion of acid and alkali are superior to the ferrite, ordinary matter is unable to make it happen deformation. And coercive force of the support, also let ndfeb when use more easy to store, in the natural environment or the general life of magnetic field, no any impact of their products, to eliminate the like card of demagnetization, erasing, and so on and so forth. Toys can play safe choice for a long time: ferrite is noe can reach 550 degrees Celsius, the raw material has the characteristic of heat resistance, also let its processing and use in toy operation safer, ensures that even if the high temperature of summer road motor still can drive safe toys. For children's protective is greatly increased. Precision choice: hand robot is a toy in the high-tech, with exquisite appearance, voice, joint of the robot movement, the combination of a variety of functions such as light, are not beyond the scope of large, for the product size is small, small, so the high density of the ndfeb, confirm better than ferrite makes the same volume, but also can control the tolerance is better. Above is about how to choose the toy magnet, need to buy toys magnet welcome customers consulting the customer service hotline.
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