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chance to buy moeraki tavern

by:Newland     2019-11-09
Morquay Tavern-
Just a stone\'s throw from the famous morky stone-
Dunedin business partners is selling for ABC Business Sales, Jono Kennedy.
The area used to be a famous whaling village and later became a major tourist attraction between ormaru and Dunedin.
\"Some tourists even think the destination is one of the seven countries.
Kennedy said: \"The Miracle of Dawn \".
Built in 2002, the tavern is in a golden position with a breath on both sides
Broad coastline.
\"The business has a solid track --
Record of average gross profit 62-
Spread in all activities
Boss of two jobs
\"Since 2011, large enterprises owned and operated by the same person (273sq m)
The tavern is recognized
Hotel destination-
\"It has always been well received,\" Kennedy said . \".
\"Traditional beers, wines and spirits complement food and services that are the cornerstone of the success of the business.
\"Kennedy praised\" a relaxed and warm New Zealand hospitality style \"to shape the business as high
Operations are underway today. \"It\'s year-on-
The annual cash surplus record is enviable
Results of seamless systems, efficient operations, and overall positive management of current owners.
\"For future owners, the hard code has been completed, the net profit has increased, the growth rate of sales revenue in the past four years is 8, there is no sign of slowing down.
Great food, chilled beer, pool tables, record machines, big screen TV for sporting events and a large deck overlooking the water. An open-
The plan dining area at the back of the hotel provides a more relaxed dining experience, while the recently upgraded commercial kitchen is the bar\'s favorite, such as \"fisherman\'s fish \", \"Moorish Burger\" and the famous \"Moorish seafood chowder \".
\"The main business activities of the tavern are spread between bars and restaurants,\" Kennedy said . \".
\"The extra income is generated from off-site.
A permit to provide general amenities for the 90-year-old resident population, which was obtained with the promotion of holiday makers in warm months.
\"The gross profit margin of this business is impressive --
When combined with relatively small and manageable expenses, a consistent and considerable owner-
Operators earn more than $350,000.
\"As the only pub in the nearby area, this is a busy industry that provides catering for tourists, tourists and locals --round.
However, there is plenty of room for new owners to build their own brands by adding this, including front-line hotels, management and business development.
\"New owners can increase the number of marketing channels used to promote venues and their regular activities.
Scope of activities-
Business based on promoting sales in trade facilitation and becoming a booking agent for local attractions.
Kennedy said: \"This is a solid business that provides a good return for new owners, changes the way of life and has the opportunity to have a business that will continue to benefit the region for years to come.
The staff of the tavern are good at the sales and operation aspects of the business and are able to run the Tavern in the absence of two work owners.
Current owners offer flexible hands
In aid, including-
Through negotiations
Stay in the business for a long time, plus-
Ensure call availability for a smooth transition process. The three-
The bedroom, the owner\'s house with 2015 architectural design is also available through negotiation.
\"The culture of the morki Tavern is one of the true cultures of New Zealand hospitality.
The new boss may be someone with previous hospitality experience or have a natural talent for people and service delivery.
\"They may just have strong business development expertise and want to develop this unique website beyond what has been achieved,\" Kennedy said . \".
\"The beauty of this proposition lies in its simplicity.
There is a simple hotel model that is executed by current owners in a precise, focused and controlled manner.
\"This has led to a huge financial situation and the possibility of becoming a potential buyer.
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