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Careful! Girl swallowed buckyballs ndfeb magnets, bowel is broken

by:Newland     2020-05-08
According to England 'daily mail' reported on March 5, the United States in Portland, Oregon, 3 year old girl as the ndfeb magnet ball drops swallowed, once swallowed 37 a powerful magnet. Ndfeb magnet into the belly after randomly assembled into a ring, the expansion of the area of the bust a gut, caused three shortcomings. At present, the magnet ball has all the girl from the stomach and intestines, but the girl injury is heavier. Most afraid they eating things children are small, random may have dangerous life swallowed hard objects. 3 - year - old Mr Eaton bush, swallow is a kind of called buckyballs ndfeb magnet, the magnet polished smooth globular, appearance is silvery white metal, mini buckyballs quite like a scattered on the pastry drops. Accident recently, palmer Eaton's mother gave her to buy this silver drops, the young Mr Eaton is probably the ndfeb magnet as the drops, to steal took dad magnet placed in the bottle to swallow. Palmer Eaton's father, said Alan buckyballs magnet is a few years ago he bought geometry in the home. 'I never realized the potential danger of buckyballs, before I was in front of Mr Eaton been fiddling with the magnet, I was too careless. ”
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