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Car tachometer with magnetic steel is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Understand point knows that car has a lot of magnet is above, the application in automobile parts, each part we introduce today is about car tachometer magnetic steel. First introduced the car tachometer principle pointer tachometer ( 空心转速表) In all kinds of car, car, motorcycle speed indicating instrument has wide application. It usually consists of air core shaft table and drive circuit. Air shaft core ( 空心米) Is made up of two sets of vertical intersection lines with a pointer magnet core. Magnet of the magnetic field distribution of the radial, it consists of ndfeb permanent magnetic materials, etc. Commonly used plastic magnetic ndfeb magnets. Two lines winding on the fixed frame. Two winding transformers when applying a current, will produce a magnetic field, and the synthesis of magnetic field Angle theta will change the current size for the two lines), thus the corresponding change of the magnetic field generated by the two lines of strength, which is changed the Angle theta, in order to produce a rotating magnetic field. Such that when the rotating magnetic field reaches a certain extent, can make the magnet sheet made of a permanent magnet core produces the corresponding rotation, so that the fixed on the magnet core table pointer to produce corresponding rotating, finally through the dial to indicate the corresponding scale. Tachometer injection ndfeb magnet characteristics: 1, the automobile odometer with plastic magnetic ndfeb magnet steel material, the poles magnetization, magnetic field intensity in 850 gs ~ 2500 gs are adjustable. 2, but with the needle shaft insert molding, high dimensional accuracy; To avoid the secondary assembly dimensional deviation caused by the process and the products, such as crack faults; 3, unique magnet polymer coating technology, good antiseptic effect and magnetic uniform. For part of the car under the tachometer in ndfeb magnets specifications: product specification Φ 12 * 1. 9 and the needle shaft specifications Φ 0. 9 * 21. 7 product specification Φ 12 * 1. 9 and the needle shaft specifications Φ 0. 9 * 22. 7 Φ 14 product specifications. 5 * 1. 45, pin shaft specifications Φ 0. 9 * 42 other specifications plastic magnetic ndfeb magnets according to the customer's specific requirements for production! Our company related motor magnetic steel products radial rotor magnet steel bonded ndfeb magnets injection ndfeb
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