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car industry seeks to eliminate use of rare earth minerals

by:Newland     2019-11-06
Metal elements, such as rare earth elements, may stop exporting as early as 2012.
In the first half of 2011, China will reduce exports of 35 PCs and 72 PCs in 2010.
The automotive industry uses about 40 PCs of all rare earth metals, which are present in magnets for electric motors.
The Japanese auto giant believes it is about to make a breakthrough to eliminate demand for rare earths.
The key is to use a magnet that becomes magnetic when the current passes through.
These \"induction motors\" have been used in household appliances such as mixers and juicer.
Toyota is trying to reduce its reliance on China.
In last January, the company said it had invested in a lithium project in Argentina with the Australian group Orocobre.
With China limiting rare earth supplies and claiming that China in the South China Sea has blocked exports of rare earths to Japan, China tightened controls on rare earth minerals, with prices soaring 333 pc. Traders claim that this is a new era of intervention in food prices.
Ion batteries will eventually provide a longer service life for hybrid car batteries.
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