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canada\'s telecom industry uses misleading and unacceptable sales practices, crtc report confirms

by:Newland     2019-11-01
Canadian television
The radio and Telecom Commission confirmed on Wednesday widespread allegations over the years.
The telecom industry in Canada uses unacceptable sales practices that mislead consumers and hurt the vulnerable public.
The national telecom regulator says there are misleading and aggressive practices in all types of sales channels, including in stores, online, telephone and home, when the company opens the doorto-
Door-to-door sales activities.
\"Many Canadians say they have been misled or aggressive with sales by service providers, and many of them report that these have happened recently,\" the report said . \".
It says the record shows that the most vulnerable public is the elderly, the disabled and Canadians, whose first language is not English or French.
The report was prepared five days after giving evidence at the public hearing on October and months after the CRTC collected information.
The survey focuses on the sales practices of 12 Canadian wireless and Internet service providers, focusing on Bell Canada-BCE-
The largest telecom company in China.
Bell repeatedly stated in documents and testimony that it has strict code of conduct for employees and contractors and has a relatively good record, but it can be improved.
Other listed companies under review include Rogers Communications, Telus Communications, Videotron, Quebecor, Cogeco Communications, and Shaw Communications. The 41-
Page report does not say which companies have the worst records.
Instead, the CRTC stated that it planned to take steps in the follow-up to the report to address the problems identified through the investigation --
While many of them need extra time
Consumer supervision procedures.
One of the most identified actions is the \"secret shopper\" program created by the CRTC program to regularly target specific sales channels or locations across Canada.
\"The CRTC intends to publish the results of the secret shopper program, allowing consumers to use it as another message when making decisions about their communications services,\" the report said . \".
It also intends to create new tools for consumers, such as a list of which rules apply and which organizations are best --
Suitable for handling complaints.
\"These tools will provide a roadmap for Canadians who believe they have experienced misleading or aggressive retail practices by service providers to provide rights and remedies.
\"But given the complexity of the issues identified by the investigation and the other responsibility of the Commission as associate members, there is concern about how quickly the CRTC will act on its intentionsjudicial body.
For example, after the investigation, the CRTC started a process last year to create a new mandatory code of conduct for internet service providers who sometimes use the doorto-
Door Sales team when they launch new products.
It may require pre-service providers
Sales offers or other measures that might allow potential customers to make more informed decisions, but industry insiders warn that these measures may kill competition.
The Trudeau government is reviewing the bond Telecom and broadcasting bill, which may also complicate the commission\'s work and will not be completed until after the national elections in October.
In response to a series of reports from the CBC and other media, as well as a growing number of complaints from consumers through various channels, the CRTC was ordered to hold a hearing on June.
The minister in charge of telecom, Navdeep Bains, directed the CRTC to submit the report by February. 28.
A Bains spokesman said Wednesday morning that the minister is expected to issue a statement on the CRTC\'s report in the afternoon.
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