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\'buckyballs\' magnets now available after ban is overturned

by:Newland     2019-09-06
If you need a gift idea during the festival, you can now purchase a small, powerful rare earth magnet commonly known as Buckyballs.
They are regulated and banned because of the dangers they pose to their children.
They can cause very serious injuries and require surgery.
After the 10 th Circuit appeals court overturned the ban, the magnet can now be purchased again.
The decision was a landmark moment, dating back to 2009, when a man named Craig Zukel began selling Buckyballs and then on the consumer goods safety board (CPSC).
The committee is concerned about the harm of children by powerful small magnets.
The \"pirate\" tycoon said the FBI because he said, \"specifically, if two or more magnets are ingested --
The temptation that children are particularly vulnerable --
They can cause serious damage to the intestinal tissue that is tightly sandwiched between them, \"the recent court rules explained in the background section.
The recent court ruling overturned the magnet ban, which is commonly used for desktop interference.
Zen magnet, make \"buc ball \"-
Just like it says a smaller magnet more powerful than a typical refrigerator magnet, celebrate the victory.
\"A week ago, there was no acceptable warning, no acceptable age, production of Zen magnets like zen magnets, buc balls, neoball, Magnicube or Neocubes is not allowed to be written in a post on their website.
\"Today, we are happy to order the Zen magnet again for immediate production,\" they added . \".
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