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\'buckyballs\' magnate says feds took him down for speaking out

by:Newland     2019-11-15
Craig Zukel thinks he has a \"great American success story\" until the federal regulator shut him down because he spoke and now the entrepreneur is fighting back.
Zucker began importing $2,000 in small high with partners in 2009.
Power magnets from China.
BB called \"barkball\"
The size of the magnet can form a variety of shapes, and soon became a hot product.
A year of trade shows, blogs and word of mouth has brought sales to $10 million, and Zucker expects sales to more than double by 2012.
His products are in 1,500 stores, 34-year-
Old Zuk is realizing his dream of starting a business.
\"This is a great success story for America,\" Zuckerberg recalls . \"[pullquote]
But then the complaint began. The U. S.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission warned that,-
Younger than the \"14 years old and older\" age group Zuker aimed ---
You can swallow these powerful magnets and pull them to the stomach wall with other pirate balls.
They are a danger, the agency claims.
In fact, CPSC said that between 2009 and 2011, about 1,700 children were eating buc balls or similar heights. Power magnet.
Zuker said he is actively working with the agency with five warning labels on the product.
Zucker\'s company, Maxfield & Oberton, complied with this requirement when seeking a recall in 2010 to adjust the warning label on the product.
But in 2012, the agency sought a \"stronger recall\" of the product \".
\"Basically, this is a statement that we are going to close down,\" Zucker said . \".
Zuker told FoxNews that the Commission is on the verge of banning products, and that it has not only approved them, but even helped create warning labels for them. com.
He said that the CPSC was firm about the product recall and asked the store to stop selling the product and did not hear any advice from Maxfield & Oberton to alleviate the agency\'s safety concerns.
He said the agency filed an administrative lawsuit hours after receiving advice from his company.
His million
Dollar Company
In order to buy a product that he still believes is safe, Zuker slammed what he thought was excessive government behavior.
He posted an advertisement online.
State supervision mentality.
\"Coconut: delicious fruit or deadly sky ballistic missile? \" read one.
\"Stairs: are they really worth taking risks?
He challenged committee officials and invited consumers to call the \"psychological hotline\" of CPSC Commissioner Inez Tenenbaum to find out how \"a vote against our company was filed with the Commissioner on July 23\" was carried out, the day before we submitted our corrective action plan.
\"Zucker\'s company is one of a dozen companies with high sales --
Faced with the power magnet for the Commission\'s sanctions, but it is the only one of the three magnets in the lawsuit to voluntarily suspend business.
Now, Zucker is the only person to be pursued by individuals for financial judgment, which may exceed $50 million to pay for the recall.
That\'s because he laughed at his regulatory torture, Zucker believes.
\"They think it is a sin to talk about government agencies,\" said Reed Rubinstein, a lawyer for Zucker, who is the lawyer for the cause of the lawsuit.
\"There is no charge here that he has done something wrong.
He just pushed back.
\"Rubinstein filed a lawsuit on behalf of Zuker, demanding the United StatesS.
The Maryland District Court prevents the agency from seeking damages from Zucker\'s own bank account based on the rarely used park principle, which protects the client behind the limited liability company.
Counsel said that the Commission decided to pursue the risks of the Zucker individual and threatened the limited liability of the owner.
Zuker raised money for his defense by selling \"free ball.
One commissioner agreed, though she was rejected by three votes. 1.
Former CPSC interim Commissioner Nancy Nordisk said she had a group of pirates on her desk and wrote a review article in The Wall Street Journal saying that in this case, the agency crossed the line between safety regulation and over-regulation.
\"Instead of working with Maxfield & Oberton to solve the problem of children being harmed by adult products, the agency asked for an immediate recall,\" Nordisk wrote . \".
\"When the company asked the agency to reconsider, the CPSC filed a lawsuit alleging that the product was defective because an unexpected user abused the product and suffered harm.
Instead of seeking a ban on selling buc balls, as permitted by law, the agency made an informal \"request\" to retailers to remove the buc ball from the store shelves.
CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson said the agency\'s goal is to prevent children from coming into contact with dangerous products, not to punish the company.
He said the agency has worked with Zucker\'s company in the past and hopes to work with the company on new security issues.
\"The decision to file a lawsuit was not made in a hurry,\" Wolfson said . \".
In most cases, the company will comply with the recall regulations.
\"Wolfson said that juk decided to dissolve the company.
He said the other high
The power magnet company decided to either comply with the recall requirements or face a lawsuit.
Qu Shihan, founder of Zen magnet, also listed on the litigation list, called CPSC\'s actions \"persecution\" and an attempt by the agency to expand power.
Qu found himself in an unusual position to defend his competitors in front of government agencies.
\"What is the old saying?
\"The enemy of the enemy is a friend,\" he said . \" He noted that his company is still selling magnets in legal proceedings.
\"The agency is gambling to expand their power.
This is how all power is gained.
CPSC is canceling our productsevidence.
\"David Japha, a lawyer for Zen Magnets, the two companies listed in the US star network company and the CPSC lawsuit, will not comment on the Zucker case, but he said, the CPSC just seems to be \"wanting a pound of meat \".
\"Everything in your home can be used for the wrong purpose,\" Jaffa said . \".
\"The purpose of the corporate entity is to protect the individual.
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