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Brushless motor shape and the number of requirements on the performance of the magnet is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-13
The magnet brushless motor is installed on the rotor, is one of the important parts of brushless motor, brushless motor structure is illustrated below, where we can see the magnet. Magnet performance of brushless motor, brushless motor mainly using high performance ndfeb, because of the motor power is closely related with the performance of the magnet, basic can understand it, the volume of neodymium magnets and brand determines the maximum power of the motor. Brushless motor magnet shape requirements mainly has the shape of square magnet brushless motor magnet, tile shape ( Arc) Magnet, ring magnets, bread type magnet. Square shape of the magnet advantages: simple processing, the price is relatively cheap, pursuit of the cost of the motor. Advantage: arc magnet arc magnets can be assured and silicon steel sheet of the air gap has been consistent, seems to be on power and efficiency is better than the rectangular magnets. Bread magnet advantages: there are professionals, they think this kind of magnet is better than arc magnet effect. Ring magnet advantages: easy installation, superior performance, general with high-end rings! The number of the magnet brushless motor brushless motor magnets related products: bonded ndfeb circle brushless motor magnetic tile injection multipole magnetic ring binding ndfeb magnetic tile
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