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Bring about strong ndfeb magnetic industry development status

by:Newland     2020-04-26
All kinds of magnetic materials in our country bag yesterday 10 years or so appropriate fast increase, in recent years has gradually become the & quot; The center of the global magnet industry & quot; And then replaced decades dominated by Europe, the United States and Japan respectively & quot; The center of the global magnet industry & quot; Position. Powerful magnet manufacturer said followed strong ndfeb magnetic root production in Europe, and Japan's increased greatly slowed, these areas are part of the produce factory has been transferred to Asian countries, especially the original data appropriate rich in our country. The onset of the main reasons for this phenomenon is that produce the original material prices continue to rise, the rise of Asian countries manufacturers and the west high labor capital and so on. In the data on the yield of Asian countries have appropriate big advantage, especially in our country. In the face of severe market competition, price of ndfeb strong magnet is brief, magnet product development into a white-hot stage, each manufacturer is faced with the fruit of the poor environment, have to be the bottom price, because the factory production ability is limited, only for a brief product processing method, without their own special products advantages, is an enterprise to a living, the only way is to use price with service to maintain the livelihood of a manufacturer, grab the order. When start an enterprise in a price war, not to break the product skills to carry out the direction of the time, so the development of the enterprise also can't see hope, because the store is harsh, competition is the actual, low-end products cannot be used to store to carry out the need to face, after all, screening, enterprise to develop, to update the product, skill to break, satisfied with market demand, customer satisfaction product demand, the enterprise must break skills to break the existing yield form. Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers can fundamentally deal with the problem itself, break itself produces skill problems, break itself on product quality from the product superiority, the forced to automatically, when itself has the advantage, quality of product and enterprise itself to get the automatic power, facing the customer, enterprises have to meet say, not only can prevent the prices on the product competition, and also can firmly seize the customer demand for products, long collaboration. Previous page: you know what is standard of measuring magnetic page: manufacturer to tell you that the magnet is harmful to human body
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