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bridport gun theft under investigation

by:Newland     2019-11-02
Tasmania state police are investigating the theft of three guns from Bridport\'s home early Thursday morning.
Senior Constable Andrew Lusted said the guns were stolen from a well-kept gun safe in a family garage around two o\'clock A. M.
\"This promptly reminds the public to be vigilant about the safe storage of firearms, especially when the safe deposit box is stored in the annex building,\" he said . \".
The theft came as South Korean police announced a new mobile gun amnesty.
Starting from April 18, police will set up a mobile station in two locations over the weekend.
Anyone with a gun or ammunition that is not needed can hand it over to the officer for disposal without fear of being charged.
\"Over the past 18 months, our mobile amnesty across the state has seen 552 guns turned in,\" said Sergeant Pete May.
\"Our website includes highly visible mobile police command buses, and we provide safe areas for handing over unwanted guns or ammunition.
The police will provide advice on proper storage.
Police also want to remind anyone holding unwanted or unregistered guns that handing over a gun at a police station is a permanent amnesty.
Amnesty means no action will be taken against anyone who voluntarily surrendered to the police station, who has no right to own firearms or firearms.
The person who handed over the gun was asked to ensure that the gun was unloaded before it was transported and stopped in the designated area, assisted by the police.
The public can also go to the mobile police station and talk to the police about any gun crime or any other crime.
Alternatively, the information can be delivered to the crime blocker 24 hours a day on 333, 1800.
Anyone who has information about Bridport\'s theft of firearms is required to contact the police in 131 444, or in 333 of 1800, anonymously contact the crime blocker.
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