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brandon wants to build safe, accessible community

by:Newland     2019-11-18
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This article is published in 5/10/2018 (296 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Josh Brandon wants to make Winnipeg a fairer and greener city.
He is one of the three candidates for parliament running for Daniel McIntyre.
\"I brought the right experience, I have a strong connection in the community, and I think I can help bring about positive changes,\" Brandon said . \". The 46-year-
He moved from Surrey to Winnipeg. C.
In 2007, he lived in wolselli with his 16-year-old partner and a cat.
He used to be in some local
Profits including the Manitoba eco-network, the Green Action Center and the Canada policy Alternative Center.
He is currently working as a community animator at the Winnipeg Social Planning Commission.
Brandon is an advocate of poverty reduction and, if elected, will implement a living wage of $15 per hour for all city employees and contract workers.
\"They should be paid enough to live with dignity in our community and they are doing basic community services,\" he said . \".
\"We live in one of the richest countries in the world . . . . . . However, I am concerned that we are still very poor.
\"He also wants to see the city work with the provincial and federal governments to develop a city --
A broad strategy for poverty.
According to the Winnipeg Police Department, the overall crime rate in the area of Daniel McIntyre has increased by two percentage points since 2017.
Brandon believes that the Community Security fund set up specifically for social services organizations will help address the root causes of crime in the region.
\"We know the police can\'t be everywhere at once,\" he said . \". \"(
Community organization)
Let people on the ground work with people who have a poor, addictive, homeless experience.
They are able to tell us which projects will be the best choice for success.
\"In addition to developing more 24-
Brandon wants to see vacant houses in the ward that are a magnet for crime, which are brought into the code and become affordable housing.
Speaking of sustainable development, he said that some results can be achieved through better transportation services and more protected bicycle lanes. Brandon —
Riding a bike for nine months a year, taking a bus in winter
He said he will increase the operating budget for transportation and reverse the recent situation.
Raise the fare by 25 cents and create a low-income bus pass to make transportation more convenient.
The infrastructure is also on his radar, and Brandon wants to see the crumbling sidewalks, potholes and back lanes fixed --
Especially for the elderly and those with operational problems.
\"Residents want to be able to move around safely and have access to their communities.
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