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bought by a marijuana company, small california town on way to becoming pot mecca

by:Newland     2019-11-01
NIPTON, Calif. —
A plan for a cannabis company to boldly turn this remote settlement into a cannabis shrine is taking shape.
The new sign marks the border of a small town on the road.
The parking lot outside the small shop has fresh gravel.
Workers are installing a small pond, the first of many that the site envisioned.
The US green company, which bought the town and surrounding land for $5 million this summer, also renovated small cafes and made big plans to significantly expand accommodation options, today\'s accommodation consists of several canvas tents and several hotel rooms.
The only thing missing now is marijuana.
\"Do you have any marijuana here?
Toby Armstrong, 62, recently called out when he came to the Neptune store.
\"I heard about you on the news.
\"Unfortunately, Armstrong did not have legal recreational marijuana for sale in Neptune or anywhere else in California for the next few months.
People who hold medical marijuana cards can get marijuana from the pharmacy, but neither does Neptune.
Armstrong, about an hour\'s drive from Las Vegas, drove to Neptune after hearing news reports about the US Green program. A retired long-
Armstrong says she hasn\'t tried marijuana for decades.
Random drug test for truck drivers
But now curious, it is more widely accepted, and her body is broken down for a long time behind the steering wheel.
Armstrong says she doesn\'t trust the pharmaceutical company and she thinks that when she drives her conversion van to the country to find warm weather and new friends, maybe a small pot can help her old bones
\"I\'m not interested in being stoned to death all my life, but I can definitely relieve a little pain,\" she said . \".
Neptune\'s de facto mayor, Jim esinger, smoked outside the store and explained to Armstrong the company\'s plan, he was Orange
In preparation for the expansion, an underground utility was found by the surveyor.
The town\'s population fluctuates between 6 and 16 people, but with the purchase of green in the United States drawing international attention, the population has risen to 25.
The company wants to create a self.
Support cannabis holy places, welcome the public to smoke marijuana, encourage entrepreneurs, and not carry regulations by skeptical government officials.
Facilities such as outdoor smoking lounge and hookah bar, restaurant and micro brewery, medical school and health spa are available for guests.
Founded in 2009, American green company is one of the few publicly traded cannabis companies in the United States, selling age-
Verify cannabis vending machines and products made with non-cannabis only
Psychoactive cannabis glycol (CBD)
The user says the extract can relieve the pain without letting you get excited.
First Neptune-
The products that American Green hopes to provide are CBD-
Water injected from an underground reservoir under the mohawai desert.
Stephen Sherin, who runs the US Green program, said the town is changing almost every day.
\"It\'s actually a combination of modernizing something, bringing something else back as it is, and introducing our own style,\" he said . \".
The company wants to restore postal services, introduce banks, and support marijuana, Sherin said
Related businesses, such as growers and glass blowers, and the legal operation of cannabis shops next year.
\"This is not an 80-
Ace development in the apartment.
\"People have lived there in 130 and we are developing this town into the future,\" he said.
Esinger, an eight.
Having stumbled across the area while helping a friend find a mysterious underground river of gold, he said he had always envisioned retiring to Amsterdam, where he could watch the world go, smoke a little bit of marijuana to relieve the pain.
Instead, the retired truck driver found his place in the quiet part of Neptune.
He says he is not worried about the changes that are taking place in American Green, because it is largely in line with his own dreams.
\"Amsterdam is my idea of heaven, and it looks like it may come to me, just in a remote place,\" he said . \".
\"So far, all green in the United States has done is to smile on the face of the city.
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